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Validation and Institutional Partnerships Handbook

The Validation and Institutional Partnerships Handbook is updated and published on an annual basis by City and is designed to be a comprehensive guide specifically for colleagues both within City and at partner institutions. The Handbook aims to articulate the principles on which City can carry out responsibility for its validated provision, while also providing partner institutions with a broad quality assurance framework in which to operate programmes that lead to an award of City.

Hard copies of the Handbook are circulated at the start of the academic year. Further copies are available from Student and Academic Services via the Assistant Registrar (Partnerships and Academic Development).

Validation and Institutional Partnerships Handbook 2018-2019

Links to related documents and information in the Validation and Institutional Partnerships Handbook can be found below.

Section 1 - Management and Governance

Section 2 - Assessment

Section 3 - Validation: Student Recruitment, Admissions and Publicity

Section 4 - Validation:Student and Learning Support

Section 5 - Validation: Programme Development and Review

Section 6 - Validation of Research Degrees

Section 7 - Student Status and Registry Related Issues

Section 8 - Staff

Section 9 - Revalidation