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Student Complaints

Senate Regulation 26: Student Complaints and our Student Complaints Policy lay out the way that student complaints will be handled and you should refer to these for detailed guidance concerning the procedure.  You may also find it helpful to refer to the Student Complaints flowchart for an overview of the procedure.  Students on Validated programmes should read appendix B of the Student Complaints Regulations in the first instance as arrangements for managing complaints are different.  See Section 4 of the Quality Manual for the Regulations, Complaints policy and supporting guidance and forms.

If you haven't already done so you may find it helpful to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions concerning student complaints which are available on our student information page for complaints.

Early Resolution

In most cases, we expect and aim to resolve problems at an early opportunity and in the simplest way. The process we use is described in our Student Complaints Regulation as Early Resolution (Stage 1).

At this stage you may find it helpful to consult with the Union Support Service who are able to provide free, confidential advice to students concerning academic issues.  Their aim is to help resolve any problems at the earliest possible stage so as to reduce any further impact on your studies.

Although this stage is informal we would recommend that you keep your own record of the key events, times, and people involved, both in relation to your complaint and, the steps taken to try and resolve it.

You should register your complaint within 28 days of the event which has given rise to it (or, if it relates to a series of events, within 28 days of the last event in the series).

Local-level resolution; submitting a Complaints Form

If it has not been possible to reach an acceptable resolution at Stage 1, it is possible to begin a more formal process. This allows for further and more structured investigation, and is described under Stage 2 of the Student Complaints Regulation.

In order for a complaint to be considered at Stage 2, we ask that you use the Student Complaints Form (SCF). The purpose of the form is to help focus on the key areas of the complaint and on what you would like to happen. It also gives us a clear, formal record of the complaint.

You should submit your form within 21 calendar days of the Stage 1 written response.

Requesting a review of your complaint

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of local-level resolution, you are able to request a University level review of the complaint investigation; this is described under Stage 3 of the Student Complaint Regulations.

The form to request a University level review of a complaint is available here.

You must make the request within 21 days of the written outcome of the Stage 2 complaint investigation.  You should send your request to Student & Academic Services.

Once City's internal procedures have been concluded a Completion of Procedures (CoP) letter will be issued.  At this point, a student who is dissatisfied with the final decision concerning his/her case may be able to apply to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) for a review of the case. Information and eligibility rules are available at: www.oiahe.org.uk