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Fees and Fee Assessments

Students are required to contribute towards the overall annual cost of their tuition. The amount paid by students each year towards their education is currently referred to as 'tuition fees'.

Under legislation and funding directions made by the UK Government, the amount a student is expected to pay towards their tuition varies depending on an individual's immigration circumstances or previous education.

Each individual university that an applicant applies to is responsible for making their own independent decision regarding fee classification and will not be swayed by the decisions of other institutions.

  • Undergraduate Students

The Central Admissions Office is responsible for decision making regarding Undergraduate fee statuses.

  • Postgraduate Students

Admissions Staff in individual schools or departments are responsible for the determination of applicant fee statuses for the purpose of tuition fee payments, under the various different categories.

Borderline cases or queries in relation to an applicant's fee status may be referred to the Central Admissions Office. Copies of the City's Fee Assessment Questionnaire are also available from the Central Admissions Office.