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University Research and Enterprise Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) on the achievement of the City’s strategic aims relating to research and enterprise.

  2. To oversee the Research and Enterprise Workstream supporting the implementation of City's Strategic Plan 2012-2016, including reviewing business cases for new projects, monitoring of agreed projects relating to workstream deliverables and approval of associated recommendations to the University Executive Committee.
  3. To advise the Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) on the development and review of institutional policies and procedures in relation to research and enterprise and to monitor their implementation, making recommendations and reporting where required to Senate.
  4. To consider external developments relating to research and enterprise and to advise the  Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) on the appropriate response from City, including any necessary internal developments.
  5. To keep under review the research and enterprise needs, plans and achievements of Schools and City's Interdisciplinary Centres, with particular regard to measurable aims, management processes and the organisation of research into appropriate groupings, with a view to maximising City’s position in comparative assessments of research and enterprise.
  6. To oversee the strategic development and operational management of City Research Online to ensure that it meets the needs of Schools and the University effectively, that policies and practices for open access to research publications and research data are developed accordingly and that appropriate resources are provided to realise benefits to City from the dissemination of research.
  7. To advise the Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) on the allocation of resources needed to support the development of research and enterprise, including funding for institutional doctoral studentships and research fellowships and HEIF funding.

Composition and Membership


Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) (Chair)

Professor Andrew Jones (Ex-officio)

Associate Deans for Research and Enterprise

Cass Business School

Paula Jazabkowski (Ex-officio)

School of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr Miguel Mera (Ex-officio)

School of Health Sciences

Professor Chris Hull (Ex-officio)

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and School of Informatics (new School name awaiting confirmation)

Professor Panicos Kyriacou (Ex-officio)

The City Law School

Dr Tawhida Ahmed (Ex-officio)

Other members of academic staff, appointed for three years renewable

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller (2019/20)

Dr Sally Barlow (2019/20)

Professor Caroline Wiertz (2019/20)

Professor Anastasia Nesvetailova (2016/17)

Dr Laudan Nooshin (2019/20)

Professor Nicola Botting (2019/20)

Dr Elaine Fahey (2019/20)

Dr Simone Stumph (2019/20)

Dean of City Graduate School Professor Ken Grattan (Ex-offico)

Chair of Senate Research Ethics Committee

Professor Ron Douglas (Ex-officio)

Director, Research & Enterprise

Dr Karen Shaw (Ex-officio)

Head of International Relations

Mark Hertlein (Ex-offico)
Director, Library ServicesLouise Doolan (Ex-officio)
In attendance

Office Administrator  (Secretary)

Joanna Short

Director of Planning and Strategy Unit or nominated representative

Dean Stokes

Others as required for individual items


Other information

  • Frequency of meetings - As required, at least 3 per year
  • Dates for 2016/17 - 25.10.16, 31.01.17, 23.05.17

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