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Meeting No. 285


Wednesday 11 July 2018

2pm - 5pm

Northampton Suite

Governance Team

City, University of London

Northampton Square

London EC1V 0HB

Tel. 020 7040 8496 



Members are invited to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper, ahead of the meeting, with a view to improving the effectiveness of the meeting.  Please notify the Governance Team if you wish to star an item.

Part One - PreliminaryPaper1Main speaker(s)
To note apologies received for the meeting

Highlighted Items

To agree the highlighted (*) items as the main items of business for the meeting2.

Verbal Chair
To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 16 May 2018
Open Chair
*4Matters Arising  

Item 10/26 - Industrial Action Quality and Standards Working Group Update

To note the update from the DP&P and to note the guidance circulated


Item 21 - Student Attendance and Engagement Policy

To receive an update from the DSAS on implementation of the Policy

4.3Item 27 - Innovation Refurbishment and Decant Arrangements Paper - Implications for Teaching and Research
To consider the recommendation from the AGC in relation in Regulation 29 and to consider the note circulated to Senators on 26 June 2018
Verbal/OpenCollege Secretary/Chair
4.4To note any other matters arising not covered elsewhere on the AgendaVerbalChair

Conflicts of Interest

To note any members' conflicts of interest pertaining to this meeting's business.

6Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
To note the terms of reference of Senate and the regulations relating to Senate
Open Chair
*7Items Specifically Brought Forward by the Chair  
7.1To receive an update on TEFClosedChair
7.2To note the outcome of the Senate elections. [Publication of results to be circulated following conclusion of election]OpenChair
7.3To note approval of three interdisciplinary Centres approved by e-mail correspondence. Verbal Chair
7.4To consider any other issues brought forward by the ChairVerbal Chair

Senate Calendar

To note the calendar for Senate business and to note that discussions regarding the calendar for 2018/19 will take place during the Summer.

Open Chair/College Secretary



Students' Union Standing Report

To note and discuss issues brought forward by the Students' Union

Open SU President
Part Two - PresentationPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*10 2.25pmREF2021
To receive a presentation and to discuss REF2021
RestrictedVP (R&E)
Part Three - Major Items For DiscussionPaper1Main Speaker(s)

*11 2.50pm

Review of Support for PhD Students

To discuss the report

RestrictedVP (R&E)

*12 3.05pm

Module Evaluation Process Review

To consider the report and note the next steps

*13 3.20pmResearch Students Who Teach Policy Implementation
To review the implementation of the Policy and to consider the report
OpenDean Grad School
Part Four - Items for ApprovalPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*14 3.30pm

Proposed Amendments to Regulation 10 - Fitness to Study Regulation and Policy

To consider and approve revisions to the Regulation and Policy

*15 3.35pm

Proposed Amendments to Regulation 13 - Student Disciplinary Regulation

To consider and approve the revisions to the Regulation

Open DP&P
*16 3.45pmProposed Amendments to Regulation 19 - Assessment Regulations  
16.1To consider and approve revisions to the RegulationOpen DP&P
16.2To consider and approve revisions to the Programme RegulationsOpen DP&P

University Admissions Policy: Complaints and Appeals Procedure

To consider and approve the Policy

Open DP&P
*18Proposed Amendments to Regulation 5D
To note the establishment of the CLTC and to approve the proposed revision to Regulation 5D
Open DP&P
*19 4.10pm

Student Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule

To approve the Policy

Open DP&P
*20 4.15pm

Staff Eligible to Sit on Stage 2 Appeal and Disciplinary Panels

To approve the list of nominated individuals

*21 4.20pm

Professor Emeritus Nomination

To consider and approve the nomination for the title Professor Emeritus

ClosedChair/Chair ACG
Part Four - Committee ReportsPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*22 4.25pmReports from Sub-Committees and Executive Advisory Committees  

Boards of Studies Minutes

To note the minutes and consider any matters of concern

Part ClosedBoS Chairs
22.2Reports from the Graduate Committee, Research & Enterprise Committee, Educational Quality Committee, Academic Governance Committee, Collaborative Provision Committee
To receive a verbal update and consider any matters concern
Verbal Committee Chairs
Part Five - Other Items for DiscussionPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*23 4.35pm

City Graduate School Committee - Videoconferencing Guidance

To approve guidance on the use of the videoconferencing software in viva voce or oral examinations in exceptional circumstances

Open Dean Grad School
*24 4.40pm

Progress Report on Education & Student Strategy

To note the paper

Open DP&P
*25 4.45pm

Student Survey Activity

To receive the report

*26 4.50pm

Assessment Feedback Turnaround Times - Autumn Report

To consider the report

*27 4.55pm

APE Summary Report: Postgraduate Research

To note the report

Open DP&P
Part Six - Items for Information  
28Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applications
To note the report

Programme Approval Schedule

To note the report

30 Report on Student Case Activity (Appeals, Complaints, Disciplinary) in 2017
To note the report

Office for Students (OfS) Application

To receive the report


Minutes for Information

To note the minutes from the following meetings:

32.1CouncilPart ClosedChair
32.2Senate Committees  
32.2.1Academic Governance CommitteeOpen Chair AGC
32.2.2Senate Research Ethics CommitteeOpenChair SREC
32.2.3aEducational Quality Committee - 12 April 2018OpenChair EQC
32.2.3bEducational Quality Committee - 14 June 2018Open Chair EQC
32.4Executive Advisory Committee  
32.4.1Graduate School CommitteeOpen Dean Grad School

Interdisciplinary Centres

To note the approval of three Interdisciplinary Centres via e-mail correspondence

Open VP(R&E)

Honorary Visiting Professors

To note the appointments and re-appointments of Honorary Visiting Professors approved by Chair's Action

Open Chair
Part Seven - Concluding ItemsPaper1Main Speaker(s)

Freedom of Information Review

To identify any changes to the open/restricted/closed classification of papers from this meeting

Verbal Chair
*36Any Other Business  

Date of Next meeting

11 October 2018

2.00pm to 5pm

Room to be confirmed

 Dr. William Jordan
College Secretary william.jordan@city.ac.uk
City, University of London's Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, states that the approved minutes of the meetings of Council and Senate are routinely published on the web.  Their agendas are also published on the web, if possible, in advance of the meeting.  The Council minutes can only be agreed at the next meeting of Council.

"Open" and "Restricted" Council papers, with the exception of the minutes of sub-committees, will normally be made available on the Staff Hub following the circulation of the Council meeting highlights to all staff via e-mail.

"Open" Senate papers are published on the web and "Restricted" and "Closed" papers are available to staff via the web using a password.

The agenda, papers and minutes for the other Sub-Committees of Council are not published on the website or Staff Hub.

"Restricted" and "Closed" papers are exempt under the Freedom of Information Act and will not be made available to a member of the public making an FOI request.  Staff will have access to the "Restricted" papers of Council and Senate.  "Restricted" classifies a paper that is "Closed" but has been made available to staff.  Staff should treat as "Restricted" papers as confidential and not to share or discuss them with anyone other than City, University of London staff.  "Open" papers will normally be made available to anyone lodging an FOI request.  Papers may be "partly closed" or "partly restricted" and the open and closed/restricted elements are treated separately from one another following the processes for each type of paper laid out here.  The Committee may change the classification of papers on the agenda at the meeting at which they are considered.