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Senate Research Ethics Committee Information

Authority Delegated from Senate

Grant ethical clearance for research projects conducted by staff and students that require such consideration.

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the ethical implications of all research, experiments, investigations and procedures involving human participants, or animal subjects carried out in the institution or under the auspices of City.
  2. To consider the ethical implications arising from research projects collecting, using and/or storing personal data carried out in the institution or under the auspices of City.
  3. In connection with the above, to approve statements of practice for routine and emergency clinical procedures and other research, experiments, investigations and procedures routinely undertaken by appropriate departments of City.
  4. To set standards, propose and review policy on the ethical conduct of research throughout City.
  5. To approve School/Departmental delegation frameworks and procedures relating to research ethics.
  6. To receive from individual members of academic staff, students, local Research Ethics Committees, Boards of Studies, or committees of Senate, proposals for all other research, experiments, investigations and procedures falling within its terms of reference and to allow, refer back or disallow such proposals, specifying where necessary any conditions subject to which proposals may be allowed.
  7. To receive and advise on research proposals for the use of the name of the institution in connection with all aspects of research involving human participants, personal data or animal.
  8. In carrying out its responsibilities, to seek and take account of all necessary advice from sources within and without City.
  9. To report to Senate at least once annually on the research, experiments, investigations and procedures which have been allowed by the Committee through the Chair of the Committee.
  10. To receive minutes and reports from Departmental/School Research Ethics Committees and to carry out spot checks on the effectiveness of procedures and standards adopted by the local committees.
  11. To approve requests from external researchers wishing to recruit staff and students from City for participation in research projects.
  12. To submit a copy of the minutes of each meeting to Academic Governance Committee.

Composition and Membership

Chair Professor Ron Douglas
Deputy ChairDr Lorna Ryan
Chairs of Local Research Ethics Committees (ex officio)BusinessProfessor Paul Palmer
Health SciencesDr Nick Drey
Computer ScienceProfessor Jason Dykes
Engineering Dr Justin Phillips
LawProfessor Dan Wilsher
Learning, Enhancement & DevelopmentProfessor Pam Parker
 International PoliticsDr Alexander Lanoszka
 Social SciencesDr Simon Susen/Dr Diana Yeh
Up to five members from the University's academic staff with expert knowledgeDr Corinna Haenschel
Dr Lorna Ryan (also Deputy Chair)
Professor Alan Simpson
Up to three external independent membersAndrew Halper
Information Compliance Officer (ex officio)Caroline Llewellyn
Assistant HR Director, Health Service and Safety (ex officio)Dr Christine Rajah
Up to two co-opted membersProfessor Roland Petchey
Research studentsYlva Baeckstrom
In attendanceResearch Governance & Integrity Manager (Secretary)Anna Ramberg

Operational Details

  • The Committee will be responsible for making all appointments except for the ex-officio posts, deputy-chair and the Chair. Appointments by the Committee which are not ex-officio will be for up to three years (normally three years) and will be renewable for a maximum period of office of nine years. The Research students would serve one term of up to two years.
  • Reporting line - Direct to Senate
  • Quorum - 30% rounded up to the next whole number of the total actual membership
  • Frequency of meetings - As required, at least once, and normally three times, a year
  • Decisions can be taken by correspondence and email provided 30% of members take part in the decision.

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