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Partnerships Sub-Committee (formally Partnerships Working Group)

All Partnerships Sub-Committee papers are closed under the Freedom of Information Act2000, Exemption 43.


The purpose of the Partnerships Sub-Committee is to undertake institutional-level monitoring of credit- and award-bearing partnership provision and work to develop the quality and standards framework in relation to partnerships, advising Education and Student Committee accordingly.

Membership includes representation from each School through Lead Partnership Coordinators/Associate Deans (Education) who are also members of the relevant School Board of Studies. This provides a direct link between day-to-day oversight for quality and standards of partnership provision, through Boards of Studies, and institutional-level monitoring through Partnerships Sub-Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. To support ongoing review and development of the University’s quality and standards framework for partnerships.
  2. To identify institution-wide themes and areas for action arising from Annual Programme Evaluation, Periodic Review, External Examiner and other reports for partnership programmes.
  3. Ensure Board of Studies compliance with Memoranda of Agreement relating to partnership provision
  4. To monitor areas for action arising from external reports (e.g. QAA reports) and compliance with national expectations for partnerships set out in the UK Quality Code.
  5. To identify areas of good practice relating to partnerships for dissemination.
  6. To provide guidance on the approval and review of partnerships.
  7. To support the development and communication of information to partner institutions on quality and standards framework matters.
  8. To contribute to the development of the wider University infrastructure for partnerships.

Composition and Membership

A senior member of academic staff with experience of academic leadership of partnership provision (Chair)Professor Steve Stanton
A member of academic staff with experience of academic leadership of partnership provision (Deputy Chair)Professor Chris Hull
Arts and Social SciencesProfessor Laurence Solkin
CassDr Dirk Nitzsche
Health SciencesMaria Dingle
LawProfessor Jason Chuah
Mathematics, Computer Science and EngineeringProfessor Sanowar Khan
A member of academic staff from Internationalisation CommitteeProfessor Victoria Joffe
Students’ Union Vice-President (Education)Umar Yunas-Chaudhery
Co-opted memberSusan Blake
Assistant Director of Student and Academic ServicesAlison Edridge
Validation and Partnerships Manager (Secretary)Abi Moran

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