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Meeting No. 9


Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 2Minutes of the meeting held on 22 September 2015
Item 3Matters Arising
Item 5

Student & Academic Services Report
Appendix 1 - Student Experience Team Diagram
Appendix 2a - Student Development Annual Report 2014 - 2015
Appendix 2b - Widening Participation Outreach team strategy

Item 6Learning Enhancement & Development (LEaD) Standing Report
Item 7Student’s Union Standing Report
Item 9.1a) School Learning & Teaching Plans - Restricted
Item 9.2Communications plan for the current phase of implementation of the Education and Student Strategy - Restricted
Item 10.1HEFCE review of learning, teaching and student experience information: Consultation on changes to the NSS, Unistats and information provided by institutions
Item 10.2Proposals for the 2016 survey questions - Restricted
Item 11Segmentation Initiative - Restricted
Appendix A - The City Segmentation Project: Understanding City University London students better
Appendix B - Project Brief
Appendix C - Vision 2020 - Developing a Strategic Plan for CULSU
Appendix D - Strategic Plan Gant Chart
Item 12HEFCE Evaluation of Longitudinal Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (LDLHE) survey - Closed
Item 13a) Minutes of the Access and Success Sub-Committee held in September 2015
b) Summary of projects and priorities - Restricted
c) Student engagement and attendance monitoring - Restricted
Item 14a) Minutes of the Career Development and Employability Sub-Committee held in September 2015
b) Summary of projects and priorities - Restricted
c) Current sector innovations
Item 15.1 a) Minutes of the Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory Sub-Committee held in September 2015
b) Summary of projects and priorities - Restricted
Item 15.2Minutes of the Graduate School Committee held in June 2015
Item 16.1a) Minutes of the City Communities Sub-Committee held in October 2015
b) Summary of projects and priorities - Restricted
Item 16.2Minutes of the CitySport Working Group held in September 2015
Item 18a) Partnerships Sub-Committee Terms of Reference for 2015/16
b) Minutes of the Partnerships Sub-Committee held in April 2015
c) Board of Studies consideration and reporting of partnership provision
Item 19a) Programmes running in 2015/16 and programmes that have terminated
b) Proposed pilot process for programme approval
Item 20Assessment Regulations Review
Item 21Assessment Board Operation 2014/15
Item 22Summary of current External Examiner Appointments for Taught Programmes - Restricted
Item 23Summary report on the operation of examinations during 2014/15
Item 24Periodic Review Schedule and the Periodic Review Reports, Responses and One Year on Reports from 2013/14 and 2014/15
Item 25Disabled Students Allowance
Item 26Professional and Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)
Item 27Education and Student Committee Annual Calendar
Item 28Publication of new Subject Benchmark Statements

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