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Meeting No.11


Agenda Item Document Title
Item 2 Minutes of the meeting held on 11 February 2016
Item 3Matters Arising
Item 4Chair's Business
b) HEFCE's Revised Operating Model for Quality Assessment 
Item 5Student and Academic Services Report
(i)  Update on the activities of the services and CMA Working Group reports on the implications of Terms and Conditions
(ii) Programme approval, amendment and withdrawal
(iii) Collaborative provision
Item 6Learning Enhancement & Development (LEaD) Standing Report
Item 7 Students' Union Standing Report
Item 8 Student Satisfaction - Information Services Presentation
Item 9 Vision and Strategy 2026
i) Vision and Strategy 2026 summary (Restricted)
ii) raft Vision and Strategy (Restricted)
Item 11Access and Success Sub-Committee
a) Minutes of the meeting held in February 2016
b) Summary of projects and priorities (Restricted)
d) Project proposal for Peer Assisted Learning (Restricted)
e) Project proposal for a Widening Participation Outreach Review (Restricted)
f)  Proposal for project to improve student retention (Restricted)
Item 12Career Development and Employability Sub-Committee (Restricted)
Item 13.1Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory Sub-Committee
a) Report on the implementations of revised Personal Tutoring Policy
b) Project proposal on Enhancing Educational Practice (Restricted)
Item 13.2 Graduate School Committee
Item 14.1City Communities Sub-Committee
a) Minutes of the meeting held in March 2016
b) Summary of projects and priorities (Restricted)
d) Project proposal for Student Communications (Restricted)
Item 16Partnerships Sub-Committee
a) Minutes of the meeting held in March 2016
b) Report on Student Mobility and Placements
Item 18Annual Programme Evaluation (APE)
a) Postgraduate APE Quality Report (Restricted)
b) APE Practice Report 2014-15 (Restricted)
c) Proposal for developments for 2015/16 APE cycle (Restricted)
Item 19Senate Regulations
a) Update from the sub-group on the revision of the Assessment Regulations and a draft for comment
b) (i) Update on the development of the Fitness to Practice Regulation and Policy
b  (ii) Draft Fitness to Study  Regulation and Policy
c) Amendment to the Disciplinary Policy
Item 20Academic Literacy Skills and Language Support
Item 21QAA Updates

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