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Education and Student Committee

Terms of Reference 2017/18

The Education & Student Committee will act in an advisory capacity to the Deputy President and Provost to support him in his role overseeing the following areas:

  • strategic development of education and student matters
  • management of academic quality, standards and enhancement matter

This includes those aspects delegated to the Deputy President and Provost by the President and by Senate.

The Committee provides advice and guidance on activities and mechanisms that ensure that City’s academic provision (taught and research-based award-bearing and non award-bearing) is of an appropriate quality and standard and serves to enhance academic practice.

Specific areas in which the Education & Student Committee will provide advice and support to the Deputy President and Provost include:

  1. Oversight and implementation of the Education & Student Strategy and accompanying operational plan
  2. Oversight and monitoring of Education & Student Strategy priorities, related projects and consideration of business cases in step change areas.
  3. Consideration of reports from sub-committees and other City committees responsible for oversight of activities supporting the Education & Student Strategy:
  4. Sub-Committee/GroupEducation & Student Strategy Hub
    Access and Success Sub-CommitteeSupport for Success
    Career Development and Employability Sub-CommitteeCareer Development and Employability
    Learning Enhancement and Development Advisory Sub-CommitteeResearch and Practice Informed Education
    City Communities Sub-Committee City Communities
    To be embedded within reports from all the above Sub-Committees/GroupsIn the Heart of a Global City
    School Learning and Teaching CommitteesLearning and Teaching activities supporting all Hubs
    Graduate School CommitteeDoctoral degree provision for all Hubs
  5. Consideration of reports from sub-groups, committees and Professional Services contributing to the broader work of Education and Student Committee, including the Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory Sub-Committee and Partnerships Sub-Committee.
  6. Establishment of working groups supporting specific projects related to education and student matters.
  7. Receipt of updates from other strategic work streams that support the student experience.
  8. Development and implementation of policies, strategies and practices that develop and/or enhance academic provision at City (including those related to partnerships) and research students).
  9. Development and implementation of policies, regulations and processes that assure the quality and standards of taught programmes.This includes assessment practice, performance and procedures.
  10. Actions to be taken and responses to be made concerning educational quality and standards matters to external agencies, including HEFCE, QAA and the HE Academy.  This includes advice on any external reviews to be undertaken.
  11. Outputs from processes assuring adherence to the UK Quality Code for Higher Education including actions arising and developmental themes from:
  • Programme Approval
  • Programme monitoring and review
  • External QAA reviews
  • Partnership developments
  • Accreditation events
  • External Examiner appointments
Discussions will normally inform subsequent recommendations to Senate on matters related to the student experience, academic quality and the assurance of academic standards, including matters related to academic regulations, academic policy and academic strategy.

Composition and Membership 2017/18

(To be updated in 2018)

Equality and Diversity statement

City, University of London is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities, processes, and culture, under its Public Sector Equality Duties and the Equality Act 2010.  This includes promoting equality and diversity for all, irrespective of any protected characteristic, working pattern, family circumstance, socio-economic background, political belief or other irrelevant distinction.

Diverse membership of all committees is expected.  Wherever possible membership will consist of at least 30% women and 30% men and representation of other protected groups will be actively considered. Where this has not been met committees should be able to demonstrate what action has been taken to achieve this target.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Chair)Professor David BoltonEx-officio
Associate Deans (Education)Arts and Social SciencesProfessor Laurence SolkinEx-officio
CassDr Lorenzo Trapani
Dr Simon Parker
Health SciencesMaria Dingle
Rachael-Anne Knight
Mathematics, Computer Science and EngineeringChristina GacekEx-officio
LawProfessor Susan BlakeEx-officio
Additional Academic Leads as appropriate to the work of Student & Education Committee:  
Dean of the Graduate SchoolProfessor Ken GrattanEx-officio
Dean of ValidationProfessor Steve StantonEx-officio
Academic Lead for External ExaminingClaire De ThanEx-officio
Undergraduate Programme DirectorDr Richard GoodeyEx-officio
Postgraduate Programme DirectorAlison CouttsEx-officio
Director/Acting Director of Learning Enhancement & Development (LEaD)Prof Susannah Quinsee/ Dr Pam PakerEx-officio
Director of Student and Academic ServicesSusannah MarsdenEx-officio
SU President*Yusuf AhmadEx-officio
SU Vice President Education*Zain IsmailEx-officio
SU Vice President Activities & Development* ‡Sheikh HassanEx-officio
In attendance
Chairs of sub-committees and groups reporting to Education & Student Committee: Access & Success  Sub-CommitteeProfessor Carl Stychi
CitySport Working GroupProfessor Cliff Oswick
Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory  Sub-CommitteeDr Pam Parker
Partnerships Sub-CommitteeProfessor Steve Stanton
City Communities Sub-CommitteeYusuf Ahmad
Career Development and Employability Sub-CommitteeRichard Verrall
Assistant Registrar (Quality)Helen Fitch
Head of Student ExperienceMaggie Cunningham
Deputy Head of Student & Academic ServicesJames Birkett
Assistant Director Quality & Academic DevelopmentAlison Edridge
Members of Student & Academic ServicesAs required
Members of Strategy and Planning Unit ‡As required
Members of LEaDAs required
Academic Lead for AssessmentAs required
Members of the University Secretary & Governance teamAs required
Director of Marketing & Communications ‡As required
Chief Information Officer ‡As required
Director of Property and Facilities ‡As required
Members of the University Secretary and Governance teamAs required
Chief Information Officer ‡As required
Director of Property and Facilities ‡As required
‡ Attending for strategic development items
* Opportunities for student representation are widened by allowing the SU President or Vice-Presidents to nominate alternates from School Representation Officers

If you would like to see records of committee meetings, please visit our archived pages.