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About City

Sustainable food

City, University of London is committed to providing healthy and sustainable food to our students, staff and visitors, while at the same time minimising negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services we provide.

Sustainable Food Procurement

City's Sustainable Food Policy was first developed in 2009 with a view to making progressive improvements to our food procurement and raising awareness of the benefits of healthy eating. The policy was developed as a collaborative effort between Property and Facilities, the Food Policy Centre and City's catering contractor.  This commitment to providing healthy eating also links up with City's Wellbeing campaign to promote a healthier lifestyle for students and staff.

City caterers have achieved certificates which provide an independent endorsement that the food on our menus are freshly prepared, seasonal and better for animal welfare. Following the update to the Sustainable Restaurant Association certificate in early 2017, our caterers have achieved certification at City. Outlets at Bunhill Row were awarded a two star rating and at Northampton Square they were awarded a three star (highest available) rating.

Our catering contractors also work towards annual energy, water and waste reduction targets.

Sustainable Fish and Food Legacy campaigns

City was one of the first London universities to sign up to the Sustainable Fish City campaign, inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012, to turn London into the world's first 'sustainable fish city'.  All fish served at City is sustainably-sourced. Our caterers, Sodexo, have an MSC Chain of Custody Group certificate.

City has also signed up to the Food Legacy programme, also inspired by the London 2012 Food Vision, to further improve the health, ethics and sustainability of the food we serve.

Fairtrade at City

City has been accredited as a Fairtrade University since 2010 by the Fairtrade Foundation.  We are committed to supporting and using Fairtrade products and to educating our students and staff of the value of Fairtrade.

By choosing Fairtrade, farmers and workers in developing countries are given a better chance to work their way out of poverty, through fairer wages, safer conditions at work, and extra income to invest in bringing about changes and improving life for their whole communities.

Reusable cups

We encourage students and staff to bring a reusable cup and benefit from our 30p discount on all hot drinks purchased at Northampton Square catering outlets. Staff and students can also get a 20p discount at Cass for using a reusable cup.

You can buy a reusable cup from the Students' Union shop.

City's vegetable garden

City's vegetable garden is currently being re-located as part of the Sebastian Street and Drysdale Ground projects. It will continue to be tended by student and staff volunteers when it is re-opened in December 2018. If you are interested in getting involved in the planning and/or gardening, please contact the Sustainability Team.

City Food Co-Operative

City Food Co-Op is run by student Sustainability Leaders and sells a variety of sustainably sourced dried fruit and nuts  at events across campus. They also run a veg-bag scheme for staff and students. If you would like to know more or pre-order, then email the City Food Co-Op team.

For further information about City's sustainable food and Fairtrade initiatives, please contact the Sustainability Team.