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About City


Did you know that London is the world's largest Fairtrade City? Or that City, University of London is a certified Fairtrade University? This means that City has shown a commitment to supporting Fairtrade - in the products we sell on campus and by raising awareness of Fairtrade amongst our students and staff.

By choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark, we are helping to ensure farmers and workers in developing countries are given a better chance to work their way out of poverty, through fairer wages, safer conditions at work, and extra income to invest in bringing about changes and improving life for their whole communities.

City has been accredited as a Fairtrade University since 2010 by the Fairtrade Foundation.  We are committed to supporting and using Fairtrade products and to educating our students and staff of the value of Fairtrade.

Read our Fairtrade Policy here.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Join us for Fairtrade Fortnight Monday 26 February - Sunday 11 March. We'll be celebrating with chocolate tastings, Fairtrade beauty products, shakes, snacks and lots of giveaways! Check out the full programme here.