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About City


City is committed to mitigating our impacts on biodiversity by incorporating the principles of conservation into estate planning and management, and by preserving and enhancing existing habitats where possible on campus.

A biodiversity baseline survey was conducted in 2012, which led to the development of a new Biodiversity Strategy in 2013.

There are already a number of initiatives underway at City which are contributing to biodiversity efforts, including:

  • A vegetable garden for staff and student volunteers to tend and enjoy;
  • Green space in the College Courtyard area, which includes a green wall and green roof, plus seating for a relaxing environment;
  • Drysdale Garden which includes additional green space and seating area for staff and students;
  • A beehive on the roof of the Library.

For more information or to get involved in the gardening or beekeeping at City, please email sustainable_city@city.ac.uk.