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About City

Financial & Investment Plan

A key underpinning feature of the Financial & Investment Plan over the next five years is quality-constrained growth in the face of global competition for high achieving students, academic staff and research funding.

Two City students in a City buildingNevertheless, we believe we have the chance to grow student numbers and that the UK’s new place in the world will provide opportunities as well as tremendous challenges. This is important, not least because by 2020/21 City’s HEFCE funding will be less than 7% of total revenues and Vision & Strategy 2026 assumes that City will remain a publicly-funded body.

Our expectations are focused towards undergraduate growth, with more modest increases in postgraduate taught numbers. In particular, there are opportunities for growth in Cass Business School, The City Law School and the School of Arts & Social Sciences. Growth will be compatible with City’s continuing commitment to academic excellence in all aspects of its activity.

In relation to financial sustainability and broader questions around the shape and nature of City within the University of London, there is also the possibility of future growth through strategic partnerships, joint ventures or a more permanent merger. Having just joined the University of London, City is confident about its future as the capital’s leading global university for business and the professions, combining world class research and educational excellence and with the University of London’s unique contribution to learning and research-led scholarship through its network of learning institutions.