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Student statistics 2012/13


All student numbers are presented both as headcount and full time equivalents (FTE).

For more detailed information about the student numbers, please download the Student statistical data and activity 2012-13 document (PDF).

Total number of students at City, University of London

 headcountFull time equivalent
Total number of students16,51913,053

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Number of students in each School

Cass Business School1,7321,7192,0111,6073,7433,326
The City Law School5525489637741,5151,322
School of Health Sciences3,3872,0871,2808084,6672,895
School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering1,8871,7061,4217723,3082,630
School of Arts & Social Sciences1,5931,5611,5921,2893,1852,850
Learning Development Centre001013010130
Total number of students9,1517,7737,3685,28016,41813,053

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Students studying full-time or part-time

Students studying full-time12,1227311,33887
Students studying part-time4,397271,71413
Total number of students16,51910013,052100

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Type of programme undertaken by students

Foundation degree2010.011830.01
First degree7,4100.457,1330.55
Nursing/midwifery diploma6420.043230.02
Nursing Short Course8810.051260.01
Other undergraduate programme170.0080.00
Continuing education----
MSc or postgraduate diploma6,2880.384,4450.34
Other postgraduate taught programme1720.01470.00
Graduate entry taught programmes2790.022590.02
Total postgraduate taught students6,7390.414,7510.36
Total postgraduate research students6290.045280.04
Total number of students16,5191.0013,0531.00

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Number of students by gender


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Number of students by fee status

United Kingdom9,658587,36456
European Union2,410152,03116
Overseas not European Union4,451273,65828
Total number of students16,51910013,053100

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Number of students by ethnicity

Indian subcontinent4,535273,69028
Not known87557846
Total number of students16,51910013,053100

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Number of students by age

Under 18620.00620.00
18 - 204,6310.284,5480.35
21 - 244,9390.304,4010.34
25 - 292,8050.171,9230.15
30 +4,0820.252,1200.16

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Number of students by disability

Disability identified81256405
No known disability15,7079512,41395

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N.B. Percentages are rounded to nearest whole number therefore on occasion do not total 100% and totals may be inconsistent. Totals less than 5 are not published for data protection.