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Audit and Risk Committee

Audit and Risk Committee is a committee independent of management which provides Council an opinion of the adequacy and effectiveness of management's arrangements for risk management, control, governance and value for money, addressing economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

The powers, terms of reference and composition of Audit and Risk Committee are set out in the Ordinances.

The current Membership of Audit and Risk Committee is as follows:

Independent members of Council

  • Ms Hunada Nouss (Chair)
  • Professor Iain Gray
  • Mr Adrian Haxby
  • Professor Chris Jenks

Co-opted members

  • Mr Nick Avery

In attendance

  • Representatives from PWC (External Auditors)
  • Professor Sir Paul Curran, President
  • Dr William Jordan, College Secretary
  • Sarah Lawton, Committee Secretary
  • Professor Zoe Radnor, Vice-President (Strategy & Planning)
  • Ms Liz Rylatt, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr Stephen Stanbury, Director of Internal Audit
  • and other senior officers as required.