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nullBy 2030 over 70 per cent of the population will live in World Cities such as London and the professional prospects of students will be based not only on their higher education qualifications but also the global experience gained during studying. City University London's response to this global trend was to establish the World Cities World Class network, known as 'WC2' and place it at the heart of its new internationalisation strategy. Launched in 2010, WC2 is aimed at fostering collaboration among like-minded universities in the top 5 per cent of global rankings that are located in world cities (over five million citizens and global financial or cultural centres).

Professor Dinos Arcoumanis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and International) coordinates WC2, of which eight other institutions are founding members:

  • Seoul National University
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • St Petersburg State Polytechnic University
  • University of Sao Paulo
  • Technische Universitat Berlin
  • Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • University of Delhi

The themes under which the network's member institutions collaborate in research and education are relevant to world cities: business, transport, global health, sustainability and the creative industries. Institutions work closely with government organisations, industry and charities in these crucial areas to influence national and international policies. The first WC2 scholar from the St Petersburg State Polytechnic University has now begun a doctoral studentship in Transport at City. It is expected that a doctoral scholarships 'swapping' initiative will create a powerful network of academics acting as ambassadors for their institutions and WC2.