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Professor Jason Dykes

School of Informatics, giCentre

nullProfessor Jason Dykes and colleagues in the giCentre are using interactive maps of a wide range of information to help decision-makers interpret data through pictures. Their research in the School of Informatics is addressing the data deluge by developing novel ways of representing data; applications and code that implement new visualization ideas; design guidelines for visualization and processes to establish visualization needs. These techniques are designed, used and evaluated in experimental and applied contexts. This work is published in high-ranking academic journals, presented at international conferences and increasingly showcased through interactive software and demonstrators, giving wide access to data and visualization methods at http://giCentre.org.

Recent applications in commercial and public settings include: helping scientists understand extreme events; enabling insurers to assess the financial impacts of atmospheric risk and the effects of climate change through the visualization of centuries of global storm activity; analysing voting patterns in London's local elections; exploring the wealth of information in the UK Census; analysing library lending records; and communicating the results of a service satisfaction survey to citizens in a local authority.

As co-Chair of the International Cartographic Association Commission on Geovisualization, Professor Dykes was involved in organising the international GeoViz symposium in Hamburg and edited a multi-disciplinary book and recent special issues of three high-ranking geospatial journals.

giCentre research has received four successive Best Paper awards at the national GIS Research conference, two Honourable Mentions at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Information Visualization and four other accolades at IEEE VisWeek - the world's leading visualization conference - including the Discovery Award in 2010, which recognises scientific impact. The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian have recently featured giCentre research, which also appears in O'Reilly's Beautiful Data and has received awards from Google and UKMap.

Professor Dykes is listed with some of the most famous names in science in Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphic and Data Visualization and has received funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Joint Information Systems Committee, the European Union and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Professor Dykes was one of the giCentre's pioneers of distance learning at City and is a former Course Director of the MSc in Geographic Information Science. A National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy identified as a 'Rising Star' of UK Higher Education in 2005, Professor Dykes is aiming to use his research expertise within the curriculum at City through exciting educational offerings that are widely accessible and relevant to students undertaking data analysis in a range of disciplines. Doing so will help graduates of City University London take advantage of the data deluge and inform this activity through cutting-edge research.