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About City

School leadership

2012 saw several new arrivals in key leadership positions. We welcomed a new Dean of the School of Arts & Social Sciences and appointed new Deans of The City Law School, Cass Business School and the Schools of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, all of whom will assume their positions in 2013.

School of Arts & Social Sciences

Professor Andrew Jones

nullProfessor Jones became Dean of the newly merged School of Arts & Social Sciences in September. He was previously Head of the Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. His research is interdisciplinary and considers the internationalisation of professional industries into emerging economies. He has also explored volunteering in the context of globalisation and the nature of global knowledge management. student skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.

School of Health Sciences

Professor Stanton Newman

nullProfessor Newman has been Dean of the School of Health Sciences since 2010. Prior to joining City, he was Director of the Unit of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine at University College London. His research examines the psychological and social issues surrounding physical illness and its treatment and considers the management of chronic disease, the role of self-management and the introduction of technologies.

Cass Business School

Professor Steve Haberman

nullProfessor Haberman was appointed Dean Elect of Cass Business School in October and succeeded Richard Gillingwater in January 2013. An Actuarial Scientist, his research has centred on statistical models for mortality dynamics and forecasting, allowing for improved simulation methods and new classes of models. He has also explored the calculation of compensation for loss of earnings for personal injury cases, using multiple state modelling techniques to estimate work-life dependency.

The City Law School

Professor Carl Stychin

nullProfessor Stychin was appointed Dean of The City Law School in December. Originally from North America, he joined City from the University of Reading, where he served as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise). Professor Stychin's research has considered the relationship between law and sexual orientation; tort law and law and popular culture, citizenship and identity.

School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and School of Informatics

Professor Roger Crouch

Professor Crouch will join City in April 2013 from Durham University as Conjoint Dean of the Schools of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and Informatics. He will succeed Professor Chris Atkin, Interim Dean of the School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and Professor Kevin Jones, Interim Dean of the School of Informatics. Professor Crouch is Head of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at Durham and his research considers the structural analysis and thermo-mechanics of nuclear reactors.