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About City

Investing in our alumni relations

Support that lasts a lifetime

Alumni 1972 reunion

There's no doubt that the University would be a much poorer place without the generosity and support of our alumni and philanthropic partners. As well as their financial contributions, our former students help in areas such as mentoring current students and providing valuable professional networking opportunities. In return for their support we keep them informed about life at City, our achievements and plans for the future. It's a mutually rewarding relationship and the enthusiasm of our alumni is a satisfying measure of the level of pride they feel at having studied at City. David Street, Director of  Development and Alumni Relations, outlines the highlights of our alumni relations and development work in 2012.

In 2012 the University continued to strengthen its relationships with its former students, which now number in excess of 130,000. Our alumni range in age from 22 to late 90s so a wide range of communication activities is necessary to share our progress. We have contacted our alumni in print, by email, text, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; each of these media allow us to communicate in ways that suit the preferences of our diverse audience. With an alumni base that increases each year, new media are becoming increasingly important for effective communication.

A network that's spread far and wide

nullOur former students are present in over 180 countries and have engaged with City in several ways. We currently have alumni groups in 30 countries, run by enthusiastic former students and supported by the University. Activities have ranged from social gatherings to organised lectures and support for recruitment events. We also have a network of alumni  who act as country contacts, providing advice and support to potential students and other alumni in their local areas.

Engaging events and lectures

In the UK, 47 alumni events took place in 2012. They provided an opportunity for us to engage with many who might not previously have been in contact. The range of high quality lectures we held has encouraged others to find out more about our ground-breaking initiatives.

Maintaining a long tradition of philanthropy

Our alumni play a big part in supporting current students with their career plans. This activity includes giving lectures, speaking to small groups of students, taking part in Coffee Mornings with selected students, offering internships and participating in our Professional Mentoring Scheme (see case study below). A growing number also make donations to support student life at the University. Many make a monthly donation to the City Future Fund, which helps to fund scholarships, travel bursaries, volunteering projects and various other career-enhancing opportunities.

We remain extremely proud of our strong and longstanding links with the City of London  and its Livery Companies. Indeed, the Worshipful Companies of Saddlers and Mercers were instrumental in helping shape the fledgling Northampton Institute with philanthropic
support as far back as 1894. We are pleased that these relationships continue to flourish and support from Livery Companies helps provide for students in several ways.

An increasing number of companies, both inside the City of London and further afield, provide philanthropic and other support which enhances our students' University experience. Trusts and Foundations also continue to support the work of the University through grants for specific projects and some fund scholarships for students.

Recognising our alumni

nullWe are keen to recognise the support we receive from alumni, friends and donors. An annual event is held to award scholarships, bursaries and prizes. It is attended by students and donors and provides an excellent opportunity for donors to meet the recipients of their
philanthropic support. In February, over 300 students and donors attended the 5th annual Scholarships Evening at which we presented 124 student awards.

A huge source of financial support

Philanthropic support for City University London in 2011/12 amounted to £3.6M and as the University establishes its fundraising priorities to support the Strategic Plan we anticipate even greater levels of funding from philanthropic sources. We are now developing fundraising programmes for scholarships; ground breaking research in health and other disciplines; and the unique Olive Tree Programme which brings students from Israel and Palestine to study and live together in London.

Thank you to all our alumni and friends who supported us in 2012.

David Street, Director, Development & Alumni Relations