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The information provided on these pages is for guidance purposes. All policies are subject to change and are dependent on changes in the City, University of London policy and updates to relevant legislation.

In addition to the policies linked, you can also read our room booking policy which relates to one-off bookings.

Guidelines for room bookings

This page provides information for one-off and ad-hoc bookings which are requested via timetabling@city.ac.uk if you are a member of staff.  If a student requires a room for study or group work they should initially try to use the space booked via the Library.  If a student needs to book a seminar or lecture room they should do so via their programme administrator or tutor.

General information

  • Bookings for meeting rooms are only accepted up to 12 months in advance. Please note that the City, University of London diary takes priority over all other bookings e.g. Senate, Council and exams etc
  • Bookings for lecture rooms and/or computer rooms will only be accepted after the completion & publication of the academic timetable. See the generic timeline for key dates and estimated publication dates.
  • All bookings must be confirmed in writing to Central Timetabling by the person making the booking, or made using the online booking form.
  • Provisional bookings (made via timetabling@city.ac.uk) will be held until one week prior to the booking, after which the room will be released for re-booking.
  • All annual events must be confirmed in writing to Central Timetabling and will not be automatically transferred from one year to the next.
  • We reserve the right to change the booked room to another room if necessary.

Booking details

In order to allocate the appropriate rooms for your booking, please help us by including the following details when emailing a request to timetabling@city.ac.uk
  • Booking title
  • Preferred date(s)
  • Start and finish time/duration
  • Number of people attending
  • Whether you require catering - (please contact Catering to order your refreshments)
  • If your timings include set-up and clear away
  • Number of rooms you require if breakout sessions arranged

Room Set-Up

  • If you require a specific set up in the room you have booked you must make this clear when making the booking and contact Portering to arrange for the room to be set up in the format you require. Teaching room set ups cannot be changed during term-time.
  • You must ensure you allow sufficient time before & after your meeting or event to allow for set-up and clearance, and that your booking includes this time.
  • All bookings for the Northampton Suite A, B and C, and the Convocation Suite must be accompanied with a set-up specification (sent to Portering Services) as the flexibility of these areas means that there is no standard set up in any of the rooms.


  • Please ensure you supply an adequate name & description of the event when making the booking. This will enable Security to direct attendees to the appropriate room.
  • Schools and Departments must inform the Security Office giving three days notice (preferably seven days for 'out of hours' events), of any meetings, events and functions where non-City persons are attending.

Audio Visual, IT Equipment and Network or Internet Access

  • Specific audio visual or IT requirements must be arranged in advanced with the Response Centre on ext. 8181 or via email: response-centre@city.ac.uk
  • Access to the Network via data points in rooms are arranged by the Response Centre. You must allow at least one week's notice for access to the network to be activated.

Opening Hours and building access

  • Rooms and facilities can only be booked for use within the opening hours operating at the time.
  • The use of City, University of London premises at weekends is restricted and only certain buildings are open for use.  Details of all such events must be notified to the Security Office at least 3 days (preferably 7 days) in advance so that security and reception cover can be arranged and that checks can be made in case of planned building works. Weekend room bookings must be made through Timetabling and/or Conference Services.
  • Additional costs, such as overtime payments for Security staff are recharged to the department, society or individual responsible for the booking.  Please liaise with Security (Security-desk@city.ac.uk) for more information.

Health & Safety

  • The department, society or individual making a booking is responsible for ensuring that all attendees are aware of Health & Safety issues (such as fire emergency procedures) and for the proper conduct of all attendees.
  • For City, University of London functions the responsibility for correct and safe behaviour lies with the Head of Department
  • The person responsible for the booking must ensure that the City, University of London adheres to the 1990 Food Safety Act by using the City's catering service for any food or refreshment.
  • Designated room capacities (as posted in each room) must not be exceeded.
  • Furniture must not be taken out of the rooms to be used elsewhere.
  • The layout of a room must not be altered, other than by staff who have received manual handling training.

Freedom of Speech

All bookings and events taking place in centrally managed space must comply with the City's Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

Further Information

Further advice is given in the City's Guidelines and Regulations for Room Use which extends this policy to cover the use of teaching space and timetabled use of rooms.

Guidelines & regulations for room use

Room use for students

Students can book teaching rooms (via their School administrative teams) for study purposes only and not for personal use.

Room Capacities

Room capacities are set in conjunction with the advice of the City's Safety Officer and must be adhered to.

Details of room capacities are posted in every room. Staff must not put the City, University of London at risk by seeking to independently change the set capacity. If you find that you need more seats, please contact Timetabling on ext. 3004 immediately about arranging a larger room. Chairs, tables and audio visual equipment must not be taken from one room to another under any circumstances.

The Timetable Manager under the authority of the Finance & Business Health & Safety Policy has the authority to stop any activity taking place in centrally managed space when attendee numbers exceed the set capacity of the allocated room.

Fire Evacuation

Teaching staff should be aware of the fire evacuation procedures which apply to the areas in which they teach. It is the responsibility of staff to brief those attending their classes or events on fire evacuation procedures.


Smoking is not permitted in any centrally managed space. The City's Smoking Policy prohibits smoking in all areas.

Food and Drink

No eating or drinking is permitted in any classroom or lecture theatre unless permission has been given by the Timetabling Department for a function to be serviced by the City's catering service. Food and drink consumed in rooms leaves mess and unpleasant smells for the next occupiers. Please show courtesy to your colleagues by adhering to this regulation.

Food and drink waste can be a hazard. Staff and students should note that there have been successful personal prosecutions with actions brought against those who allowed food and drink to be consumed during their classes which later become a hazard, e.g. slipping on spilt liquids.

Where permission has been granted the person responsible for the booking should ensure the City, University of London adheres to the 1990 Food Safety Act by using only the City's own catering service for the supply of food or drink. Failure to do so may put the City, University of London at significant risk and the Timetabling Department reserves the right to refuse further bookings from repeated offenders.

Room Furniture

  • Classroom and meeting room furniture is checked regularly. Health & Safety regulations mean that City, University of London staff, their students and/or guests are not permitted to rearrange furniture unless they have received appropriate training as this contravenes health and safety at City, University of London.
  • Tables and chairs belonging to centrally managed teaching and meeting rooms should not be moved out or away from the room they belong to, especially as they are rarely returned to the rooms at the end of the session - this causes obvious problems for people using the rooms subsequently. All teaching rooms should be set up in classroom style as standard during term time (other set ups outside of term time should be requested via Portering). Maximum room capacities are also set according to health and safety regulations and should not be changed.
  • Porters are not available for regular furniture removal or changes to classroom layouts unless booked in advance with Portering Services. Further information and risk assessments can be obtained from the Timetabling Department.

Vacating teaching space

Teaching activity must finish ten minutes before the hour to allow lecturers and students sufficient time to reach their next class and to minimise disruption to those waiting to use the room.  For example, a classroom that has been booked from 9am -10am will allow 50 minutes of teaching until 09.50, and ten minutes for students to vacate the space and attend the start of their next class.

Audio Visual & IT Equipment

  • Any regular audio visual requirements should be included on your timetable submissions. This information is used by the Timetabling Department to allocate appropriate rooms for teaching.
  • Equipment required for any other meetings or non-timetable events should be arranged via the IS department or Response Centre on ext. 8181. If you experience a fault or require further assistance using with any of the equipment provided, please contact ext. 8181.
  • Staff should follow the 'health and safety information for centrally managed rooms' which are located in every centrally managed teaching and meeting room.

Room environment

Please ensure that rooms are kept tidy so they are ready for the next person(s) to use and ensure rubbish is placed in the correct bins. Any individual found mis-using rooms will be charged. Please help us look after the space and report any problems with the rooms.

Reporting damaged resources or furniture

If any of the room furniture is damaged please contact the Property and Facilities Service Desk on ext. 7777 to report this.  If there is damaged IT or AV equipment please contact the response centre on ext. 8181.