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  1. Computer rooms
    1. College Building AG24a
    2. College Building A217
    3. College Building A218
    4. College Building A220
    5. College Building A307
    6. College Building A308
    7. Drysdale Building ELG05
    8. Drysdale Building ELG10
    9. Drysdale Building EG04
    10. Drysdale Building EG05
    11. Drysdale Building EG07
    12. Drysdale Building EG12
    13. Drysdale Building EG13
    14. Drysdale Building EG14
    15. Franklin Building R201
    16. Library Northampton Square Level 2 B201
    17. Library Northampton Square Level 3 B301
    18. Library Northampton Square Level 4 B404
    19. Library Northampton Square Level 6 B601
    20. Parkes Building IG03
    21. Rhind Building D518
    22. Tait Building C301
    23. Cass School Computer Rooms
    24. Health School Computer Rooms
    25. Law School Computer Rooms
About City

Computer rooms

With over 1,300 workstations, the computer rooms provide a valuable learning resource and give an opportunity for individuals to do coursework and projects. These are open to anyone who is eligible for a computing user account.

Note: Rooms may be booked for teaching - check room availability via Timetabling.