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About City

CityNav Terms of Use

  • Visitors to City are advised to search for routes to main receptions only as these do not require a swipe card for entry.
  • You are positioned close to buildings where the GPS location can be inaccurate. When moving indoors, we will try to determine your position but there is a risk that your exact position may not be located.
  • Ensure that care and attention is taken when using CityNav and consider obstacles, steps, stairwells and other people while navigating City’s campus.
  • Ensure you do not use CityNav during a fire evacuation or other emergency evacuation, simply follow the emergency exit signage.
  • The CityNav iOS and Android apps require approximately 100MB of available phone data for download and use.
  • The CityNav mobile apps are supported on the following OS versions:
    • iOS 8.1 and later
    • Android 4.4 and later
    The CityNav web app is supported on the following browser versions:
    • Safari 9.1 and later
    • Chrome 45 and later
    • Firefox 47 and later
    • Microsoft Edge 38 and later
    • Internet Explorer 11 and later