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Catching a whiff of pervasive computing

Professor Adrian Cheok, Professor of Pervasive Computing at City, is working on innovative ways of using mobile phone technology.

Liberating digital interaction from the confines of the computer or mobile phone screen, Professor Cheok and colleagues in his Mixed Reality Lab are exploring mixed reality and empathetic communication by digitally conveying smell and touch.

The ever-expanding field of pervasive computing involves embedding microprocessors in everyday objects such as mobile telephones, kitchen devices and items of clothing. It is the "internet of things", implying instant connectivity and availability.

In January 2014, Professor Cheok joined Michelin-starred chef, Andoni Luiz Aduriz and Dr Luis Castellanos, President of creative consultants El Jardin de Junio at Spain's culinary extravaganza, Madrid Fusion, to unveil Scentee, a new digital mobile app and device. The app is attached to an Apple iPhone and allows the user to make gestures and virtually prepare a recipe from a restaurant.

Professor Cheok and his colleagues have been spearheading new methodological approaches for digitally simulating taste and smell to enable remote communication through the use of these senses. They aim to obtain a controllable and accurate actuation of taste and smell using digital methods for the benefit of industry and academic research and to improve the lives of those with smell and taste disabilities.

Professor Cheok has recently received extensive media exposure for his work, including appearances on BBC Click and CBS News and articles in publications including Wired and Computer Weekly.