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Dr Pawel Bilinski

Senior Lecturer in Accounting Pawel Billinski

"Our lectures and tutorials are hands-on and interactive; they aren’t broadcasts, they are discussions."

At City, the BSc Accounting and Finance is part of Cass Business School, which is ranked 1st in London in that subject area (Guardian University Guide 2017). Cass also offers courses in Actuarial Science, Business, Finance and Management.

Dr Pawel Bilinksi is the Director of the Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research and a Senior Lecturer in Accounting. Pawel has experience teaching accounting and finance courses in the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, China and Saudi Arabia. Before arriving at Cass, Pawel taught at Manchester Business School.

According to Pawel

“Contrary to what many people think, there’s more to accounting than bean-counting. Companies are constantly faced with decisions about what products to sell or how to react to external markets. To make these decisions, you need accounting.

"Through our teaching we aim to highlight the importance of accounting and how it can be applied in real life. We have guest lecturers from the industry who illustrate how accounting tools have been used in their companies to make decisions. Our lectures and tutorials are hands-on and interactive, they aren’t broadcasts, they are discussions. Our students learn the tools, hear from experts and then use their knowledge to think of solutions on their own.”

Need to know

  • Pawel teaches on the ‘Introductory Management Accounting’ in the first year of a number of Cass Business School programmes.
  • Pawel will be at our Undergraduate Open Day on 24th September 2016, where he will be introducing the Accounting and Finance programmes.

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