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"I have been teaching at City, University of London for the last 5 years. The two courses that I teach are Coaching for Business and Advanced Coaching."

"My courses are intensive and structured: each week we examine a discrete coaching topic. My teaching style is primarily experiential which means that learning by doing is at the heart of each lesson: students have the opportunity to learn the theory, coach, be coached and observe others coaching."

"Many of my former students have gone on to bring coaching into their organisations; some have become certified coaches like me."

"Achievement is a personal journey. What I want most for my students is that by the end of the course they have a clear sense of what the coaching skills are and therefore, can make a choice about when, where and why they would use them."

"I got the desire to bring coaching into the lives of young people and, later, adults while studying Masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh."

"I particularly enjoyed the modules on Social Work and extracurricular volunteering which led me to working with NEETs and children from underprivileged backgrounds. This ignited my passion for education. Schools around the world are full of flexible, adaptable and eager to learn young people whose lives can be made better if they could be 'transformed' into individuals that society needs."

"My first step into the teaching profession was to learn about coaching and become a trained and certified coach. From there I started my own coaching practice and charity."

"What keeps me going is the learning that I get from teaching. I love metaphors and finding unique ways of teaching the same content. Teaching provides a platform for me to stay curious, on my feet and in the game."

"For the last 5 years I have focused on youth, teacher and business coaching. My strengths are leadership, strategy development and communication skills. Three years ago I founded Graydin, a company that specialises in coaching training in education. Since then I have run over 300 courses and workshops on coaching, leadership, confidence and talent management skills as well as provided one-to-one coaching to over 200 individuals."

"The most important lesson I have learnt in my career is to say yes before saying no. Putting up (fake) barriers often holds us back from living the life we envision."

"I believe that a successful tutor is human and real. I love telling stories about my personal and professional life in order to make a point. One of the questions people ask about coaching is, "Does it work with mental health patients?" Whilst coaching may not change the circumstances or mental state of someone who has a clinical diagnosis, coaching can always be used as an effective communication approach. I share the story of my older brother with Schizophrenia who can't be "helped" or "saved" with coaching, but I can speak to him on a better level than many others because of my training."

"To anyone thinking about taking a short course at City I say, DO IT. Dip your toes in and see what happens. But first, look into the course tutor and decide if they are the right person for you to learn from. A subject only comes alive with the right teacher."

Quinn Simpson teaches Coaching for Business and Advanced Coaching at City, University of London.

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