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Paying fees & refunds

nullCity, University of London charges tuition fees for all its programmes. These are payable at the beginning of each year of study either by you or by an agreed sponsor. For sandwich courses, fees are payable both for periods in City and for periods in industrial training. The fee charged during the year in industry is in most cases between a quarter and a third of the normal fee for that year. The fee varies between courses and between UK/EU and other students.

If you are an International student, payment is preferred in advance of your arrival in the UK. Please ensure you quote your student number on any payments sent via bank transfer.

To enquire about how much your fees will be, please contact your course administrator.

Sponsored Students

Financial Loans - including Career Development Loans, Future Finance, Prodigy, US loans, Colfuturo

Students who are funding their tuition fees from a loan should be aware that if the loan amount does not cover the full year's tuition fee, then they will be required to pay at least 50% of the amount not covered by the loan during the registration process.

Postgraduate Loans

If you are planning to apply for the Postgraduate Loan Scheme (More info) you will need to ensure that you send a copy of your Postgraduate Loan Summary agreement from SFE to prior to attempting online registration. If your loan covers your full fees you may be able to pay your tuition fees in line with your SFE loan disbursements

The Student Funds Service

The Student Funds Service provides information and advice about the various funding options available to current and prospective students at City. Contact them for information and advice about the range of support available from student loans and grants to bursaries and scholarships. They also manage applications for the Access to Learning Fund, which is provided by the Government to assist students who are facing financial hardship.

Accepted Payment Methods

City, University of London accepts the following;

1. Debit or Credit card

All major cards are accepted online at and over the telephone by calling: +44 (0) 3300 889 571. You will need to provide your student registration number found on your student ID card, so please have this to hand when telephoning or going online. Please note that you will need to provide card details at the beginning of each year of your course to confirm your card details are still valid.

Credit card payments from overseas can be accepted but only when denominated in sterling. You may have to pay commission to your credit card issuer and will have to accept any exchange rate risk on the transaction.

Read the E-payment Terms & Conditions.

2. UK Bank GBP Cheque

GBP (£) sterling cheques must be made payable to 'City, University of London'. Please write your student number on the reverse of your cheque and post your cheque into the Income Team in Room: G101, Gloucester Building. The Income team are available from 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.

3. Bank - Bank Transfers for International Students (including Geoswift, ChinaPay, UnionPay, Tenpay and Alipay)

City, University of London has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions, to allow you or your sponsor an option to securely send bank account transfers from overseas for payment of your tuition fee in your local currency if you wish to.

Payment by bank transfer is our most preferred method of receiving money from overseas. We also accept payments from AliPay, China Citic Bank, Chinapay, GeoSwift, ICICI Bank, Union Pay and Hana Bank.

ALIPAYChina Citic BankChinapayGeoswiftICICI BankUnionPayHana Bank

This is not an online payment facility, and you will need to visit your bank branch or use your online banking facility to arrange the payment. It will, however, provide you with certainty as to the cost of the payment in your local currency, provided the payment is arranged within the 72 hour timescale.

The process to pay your fees using this service will be as follows:

1. Before starting, ensure that you have your Student Registration number to hand and also the exact tuition fee payable in pounds sterling (GBP).

2. Once the simple online form has been completed you will receive an instant quote for the cost of your fees in your local currency. This quotation is guaranteed for 72 hours.

3. The payment you make will be sent directly to the City, University of London bank account and as the transfer is initiated in your local currency you do not incur expensive bank charges.

4. You will be sent an email confirmation as soon as the funds are received. Access this service. For further guidance, see the English user guide or the Chinese user guide and video link.

If you do not wish to take advantage of the fixed exchange rate with Western Union Business Solutions and pay in your own currency, then you can make a transfer directly to City, University of London's bank account. Please see section 4 below.

Please note that all bank charges and fluctuations in exchange rate incurred by sending a bank transfer will be the remitters responsibility to pay.

4. Bank - Bank Transfers for Home Students

If you are arranging a bank transfer to City, University of London, our bank details are;

Account name: City, University of London
Account number: 03028836
Bank sort code: 50-00-00
Branch details: Natwest Bank PLC, PO Box 34, 15 Bishopsgate, London, EC2P 2AP

Please quote your student registration number on all bank transfers and send a copy of the remittance advice to the Finance Office, Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB. All bank charges must be paid by the remitter.

IBAN GB26NWBK50000003028836 and SWIFT NWBKGB2L

5. Foreign Cheque or Bank Draft

Payments by bank transfer are preferred to bank drafts or foreign cheques drawn on foreign bank accounts. Foreign bank drafts and foreign cheques take longer to clear through the banking system and this may delay your fee payment reaching us. City can accept drafts or cheques drawn on overseas bank accounts, but you should be aware that you may be liable for higher charges and it can take several weeks before the funds reach the City, University of London's bank account.

You are responsible for all charges levied by your own and City, University of London's bank.
After a foreign cheque or bank draft drawn on a foreign bank account has been paid into City, University of London's bank account, it may be two weeks or more before the funds are received from the bank abroad. We cannot credit your account with City until the funds have been received by our bank, and this may cause delays paying your fees on time or registering, so it is better for you to pay by bank transfer (see 3. Bank-Bank Transfers for International Students. For guidance, see attached information sheet PDF and video link.

Refund of fees and deposits following withdrawal or suspension

If you decide to leave your course you must notify your School and also request any refund due. To request a refund, simply complete a Refund request form.

The following will be implemented as the standard fee to be charged following your withdrawal or suspension:

Students following standard 2016/17 academic year

Non-Student Loan funded Undergraduates and all Postgraduates

  • Nil will be charged if you withdraw/suspend on or before 31st October, but any deposit paid, if you are a Postgraduate student, will not be refunded.
  • 50% of annual fee if you withdraw/suspend between 1st November and 31st January
  • 100% of annual fee if you withdraw/suspend on or after 1st February

Student Loan funded Undergraduates

  • Nil will be charged if you withdraw/suspend before 26th September.
  • 25% of the annual fee will be charged if you withdraw/suspend on or after 26th September and before 9th January.
  • 50% of the annual fee will be charged if you withdraw/suspend on or after 9th January and before 8th May.
  • 100% of the annual fee will be charged if you withdraw/suspend on or after 8th May.

Research students will be charged pro-rata depending on the number of months they have attended the course.

Students following non-standard academic year

Where courses start at different times of the year:

Only the deposit amount will be charged if you withdraw/suspend within a month of your course start date.

50% of the annual fee will be charged from 1 month following your course start date to 3 months following your course start date.

100% of annual fee will be charged after 3 months following the start date of your course.

Advice on obtaining your refund from City

City must make refunds to the same bank account or debit/credit card that was used to pay us, unless your refund request relates to a School Scholarship, in which case we can refund the account of your choice.

If you originally paid by debit/credit card, when sending your refund request we do not require your card details again, as we securely stored them when you made payment.

If you originally paid by a bank transfer from a UK bank account, please provide the original bank account details (full bank name and address, sort code, bank account number and account holder name).

If you originally paid by a bank transfer from overseas, please provide the following information: (full bank name, full bank address, payee name, swift code or routing number, bank account number / IBAN number) before City can process your refund to a bank account

If you originally paid by Cheque or cash, please provide the original bank details (full bank name and address, sort code, bank account number and account holder name).

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