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  1. Timetables

Exam Timetables

You are strongly advised to read the Examination Instructions before sitting an exam.

Important note: Please note that it is your responsibility to know the date, time and venue of your examinations. Ensure you bring City specified calculators only to your exams, you will not be permitted to use any others.  Any ringing mobile phone, any phone on which an alarm sounds or any phone found to be switched on will constitute as an exams offence.

Split Venues

Exams with split venues list (PDF) (uploaded: 14 August, 2014 at 11:30)

Contacting the Exams Office

Please do not ask the Exams Office to check specific times as these will not be given out in person or over the telephone. This is not only because of the high number of students, but also because there is a number of modules who have identical or almost identical exam titles. This means there is a chance that we would give you the wrong information, and as a result you could miss your exam.

For example, there could be four exams called 'Information Management' with similar module codes, all taking place at different times and / or different venues. For this reason, we also advise you not to rely on friends checking exam dates and times for you. Please consult your programme handbook or teaching timetable for relevant module codes, and ensure you check the date, time and venue of the exact module code for the relevant exams.

Exam Clashes

If you discover that you have more than one exam at the same time, this is called an Exam Clash. As soon as you can, please report the clash to your department's Course Office. They will contact the Exams Office, who will make appropriate arrangements and contact you.

General Information

Examination Exceptions

Some exams take place outside the main examination period. These are referred to as Exception Examinations.