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Sky Cracknell

Food Policy
Sky Cracknell

The course for me was a really transformative experience and that really is down to the incredible depth of knowledge that the academics imparted.

What do you do now? What do you enjoy about what you do?

I run a company called England Preserves. The artisan food world has been in a growth for about 10 years, which is how long we’ve been in business.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London and how has it helped you?

On the course we studied Food Policy and the development of policy, so the social significance of food to communities to communities and culture, policy development, national politics and also within the global market.

Doing this course has given us the confidence to grow the business in the way we’ve wanted to, and to make decisions with more security. The course for me was a really transformative experience, I’d start off in one place and I really felt I developed into a completely place, and that really is down to the incredible depth of knowledge that the academics imparted to us on the course. I think it really has changed where we are now as a company and where we would have been if I hadn’t done the course.

When we started our business there was very little competition really but now competition is fierce and there are lots of people doing what we do. But I feel that the knowledge that I have from doing the course has given me the edge. When I go and talk to chefs, retail buyers, they really appreciate knowledge. The appreciation of taste of technique but also the appreciation of knowledge, that comes out in conversation. I feel that is really beneficial to us.

Hear Sky talk more about the ways studying Food Policy at City helped her grow English Preserves further.

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