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Naveed Shaikh

Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
Naveed Shaikh

City, University of London polished my technical and management skills with deep insight into UK's energy market, current and future legislation.

Projective Ltd

Projective’s sustainable manufacturing services are targeted at the physical manufacturing operations. We aim to improve how businesses utilise the natural resources of Energy and Water within the manufacturing or business processes. We offer independent, unbiased, professional engineering services.

Why did you choose City, University of London?

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I was interested in management skills including UK energy legislation. The course offered by City, University of London perfectly matched my requirements. Excellent reputation and a great employability rate were also amongst the pursuing aspects  to select City, University of London.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I very much liked the design of the course which included experts from the industries to share their experiences rather than following a traditional text book process of learning new skills. I have always been an analytically biased person, and the real world examples and case studies from the field experts were the most enjoyable lessons for myself.

What was the highlight of your time at City, University of London?

The environment around you plays an important role enabling you to exhibit your skills and expertise. I was successfully voted as best author of "Wind Car" at IP week event at Energy Institute UK. Furthermore, City, University of London encouraged and greeted me wholeheartedly on this occasion and my happy moments were multiplied manifold when my biography and photograph were published on City's student affairs notice board.

What was the main benefit of completing a course at City?

I was offered an internship/placement at Heathrow airport even before graduating from City which was only possible with the help and support of course leader and the staff. The placement at the renowned organisation in the heart of London gave a boost to my career and I straightaway managed to secure an ideal job at Projective Limited.

How did City prepare you for your chosen career path?

City, University of London polished my technical and management skills with deep insight into UK's energy market, current and future legislation. This prepared me to perform my job better and efficiently. After graduating from City, I was able to accelerate my professional career and managed to seek Chartership within few years after graduation.

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