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  1. Dr Zahera Harb

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Dr Zahera Harb

Senior Lecturer MAIJ

School of Arts and Social Sciences

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Dr Zahera Harb is a Lebanese journalist and academic. Her recent publications include a monograph titled Channels of Resistance: Liberation propaganda Hezbollah and the Media (I.B. Tauris, 2011). She is a review editor for the Journal of Media Practice.

Dr Harb has 11 years' experience as a journalist in Lebanon working for Lebanese and international media organisations. She started as a news reporter and distinguished herself in particular in the coverage of war operations in the battlefield of South Lebanon. She was then co-producer and presenter of a popular socio-political programme (Khamseh Ala Sabaah, 5/7) before becoming one of the main news anchors at Tele Liban (the public service TV in Lebanon). At New TV she was appointed to a news anchor-editor post and hosted the main daily political show (Al Hadath). At Future TV (Pan Arab satellite channel) she produced and presented her own socio-political programme (Ala Madar Assaa) while assigned as satellite news editor. She also produced several political and social documentaries for Lebanese TV stations and completed reporting assignments for BBC Arabic service (radio), CNN world report and Dutch TV. She hosted live coverage of distinguished political events inside and outside Lebanon.

Dr Harb was trained in Holland and the UK and has a BA in Journalism, a Diploma in Broadcasting News and an MA and PhD in Journalism Studies and Political Communications.

She has been on the consultancy board of the Thomson Foundation UK for four years conducting media training in the UK and other parts of the world including Egypt, Malta, Spain, Armenia, Ukraine, Brussels, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.


Dr Harb has taken part in three main research projects since 2002: the perception of news after September 11, the embedded reporting of the 2003 Iraq war, and immigration and inclusion in south east Wales in 2008. Her research interests also include mediating conflicts, journalism ethics and citizen journalism.


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Book (2)

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Chapter (2)

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Report (2)

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