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  1. Sergiu Ungureanu

portrait of Dr Sergiu Ungureanu

Dr Sergiu Ungureanu

Lecturer in Behavioural Economics

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Economics

Contact Information


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D318, Rhind Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



PhD Economics from Duke University, US
BSc Mathematics from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany


Lecturer at City University London, since 2013

I'm a Lecturer in Economics at City University London since September 2013. I received a BSc in Mathematics from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, a PhD in Economics from Duke University, with a Certificate of College Teaching. As an undergraduate, I started with a focus on mathematics and physics, which helped me develop a theoretical aptitude for economics, as well as other useful skills such as programing. My area of concentration is microeconomic theory, with interests in behavioral economics, decision theory, and dynamic contracting and mechanism design.


Research interests

- Decision theory
- Behavioral economics
- Mechanism design.


Journal Article

  1. Ungureanu, S. (2016). Dynamic contracting under permanent and transitory private information. International Journal of Game Theory pp. 1–26. doi:10.1007/s00182-016-0552-8.

Reports (2)

  1. Ungureanu, S. (2016). Judgements with errors lead to behavioral heuristics. City, University of London.
  2. Ungureanu, S. Inefficient Reallocation, Loss Aversion and Prospect Theory. London: City University London.


- Intermediate Macroeconomics
- Welfare Economics

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City, University of London

Northampton Square

London EC1V 0HB

United Kingdom

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