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City, University of London
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United Kingdom



Luca Salini has been working in the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys at City since February 2016 as a Researcher on the European Social Survey.

He is closely involved in the design and coordination of the European Social Survey (ESS) and is a member of the ESS Core Scientific Team. He is also involved in a wide range of activities related to the ESS, including helping to design new questions for the survey, pre-testing questions, monitoring fieldwork in a number of countries and addressing user queries on the available data.

Prior to joining CCSS, he worked at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in Vienna, assisting senior researchers in the development of EU-wide surveys on fundamental rights issues, including minorities' experiences of discrimination. He has also previously worked in Italy, Canada and Belgium.

Luca has a BA degree in Political Science and International Relations and an MA degree in International Studies from the University of Siena. He also studied law and economics at the University of Málaga, worked as an interviewer for the Italian National Election Studies (ITANES) and took part in the FP7-funded Transworld project on Transatlantic relations and global governance.

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