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  1. Dr Liza Schuster

Dr Liza Schuster

Reader in Sociology

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

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D613, Rhind Building


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City University London
Northampton Square



Dr Liza Schuster has just returned to City following three years fieldwork in Afghanistan, where she was based at the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University. She originally came to City in September 2005 from the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford University. Before that she was T. H. Marshall Fellow at the London School of Economics working on a comparative project that explored processes of inclusion and exclusion in four European states: Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Since then she has offered critiques of access to the EU, British, French and Greek asylum systems, and developed a focus on deportation, examining the European returns directive, and the impact of deportation on those returned to Afghanistan and Uganda.
She teaches at all levels on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including modules in general Sociology, Racism and Global Migration. She prepares expert reports on Afghanistan for Immigration tribunals and contributes to debates on migration in a number of countries.


At City, Dr Schuster is continuing her work on on domestic and European asylum policy (in particular the new European Aenda on Migration, Dublin regulations and deportation) as well as the consequences of deportation, and migration from Afghanistan. Much of this research is comparative in nature, looking at Britain, France, Germany and Italy, and increasingly Afghanistan and Uganda.
Currently Dr Schuster is exploring the impact of deportation on those deported, their families and communities, and the states and societies that deport and receive them. She has just returned from three years, Afghanistan, (partly funded by a Leverhulme Fellowship), asking what factors cause some deportees to re-migrate and what factors enable others to re-integrate into their communities of origin, and exploring the impact of deportation on their families and communities.
She is also collaborating with the Refugee Legal Project (Kampala) on another deportation-related project.


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Other (2)

  1. Schuster, L. (2005). The Realities of a New Asylum Paradigm.
  2. Schuster, L. (2004). The Exclusion of Asylum Seekers in Europe.

Other Activities

Editorial Activities (2)

  • Editorial Board Patterns of Prejudice
  • Editorial board of Ethnic and Racial Studies

Press/Online Articles (6)

  • Kabul is no safe haven for deported refugees, 07 Feb 2014, The Conversation (Online)
  • Brutal, expensive, futile - the truth about deporting asylum seekers, 23 Oct 2013, The Conversation (Online)
  • A friend injured in Kabul and a sad message about testing limits in Afghanistan today, 12 Dec 2014, The Conversation (Online)
  • Ashraf Ghani is running out of fans - and this latest Taliban attack won't help, 23 Jun 2015, The Conversation (Online)
  • Reduced sentences for murderers reveal the rotten heart of Afghan justice, 04 Jul 2015, The Conversation (Online)
  • President slams fleeing Afghans, but offers little incentive to stay, 01 Apr 2016, The Conversation (Online)

Media Appearances (1)

  • Channel 4 News, 12 Apr 2016, Interviewed by John Snow about deportations to Afghanistan

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