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  1. Isabel Henton

portrait of Dr Isabel Henton

Dr Isabel Henton

Lecturer in Counselling Psychology

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology

Contact Information


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D434, Rhind Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Dr Isabel Henton is an HCPC registered and BPS accredited Chartered Counselling Psychologist (CPsychol). She was trained in psychology and counselling psychology at London Metropolitan University, receiving her doctoral award in May 2015.

Isabel's first degree was in classics and philosophy. She spent some years working in management consultancy and business development, before pursuing a career in counselling psychology.

Isabel has been teaching and supervising research in counselling psychology since September 2014. She joined City University in August 2016, where she will be working as a lecturer, research supervisor and personal tutor.


DProf, Counselling Psychology, London Metropolitan University
GradDip, Psychology, London Metropolitan University
MA, Classics, Oxford University
BA (Hons) Classics, Oxford University


Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, City University (August 2016 to present)
Lecturer in Counseling Psychology, London Metropolitan University (Sept 2014 to July 2016)
Visiting Lecturer, Regent's University (February 2016 to present)
Associate, London Counselling Psychologists (February 2015 to present)


Research interests

Isabel's research interests include areas where relationships between psychotherapy research and practice are negotiated, research training and experience, psychotherapy research methodologies, practice-based and practice-oriented research, and qualitative research methodologies in psychology and psychotherapy.


Chapters (2)

  1. Henton, I. and Kasket, E. (2017). Research in counselling psychology. In Galbraith, V. (Ed.), Applied psychologies: Counselling psychology London: Taylor & Francis.
  2. Henton, I. (2016). Engaging in research. In Douglas, B., Woolfe, R., Strawbridge, S., Kasket, E. and Galbraith, V. (Eds.), Handbook of counselling psychology (4th edition) London: Sage.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (3)

  1. Henton, I. (2016). IPA bites. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis workshop. London Counselling Psychologists 3 April, London, UK.
  2. Henton, I. (2015). IPA bites. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis workshop. London Counselling Psychologists 6 June, London, UK.
  3. Henton, I. (2011). “A path in the woods”: A story of psychotherapists’ involvement in outcome research. Society for Psychotherapy Research annual conference 29 Jun 2011 – 2 Jul 2011, Bern, Switzerland.

Internet Publication

  1. Henton, I. (2016). Criticality is critical in your literature review

Journal Articles (3)

  1. Henton, I. and Midgley, N. (2012). ‘ A path in the woods ’: Child psychotherapists’ participation in a large randomised controlled trial. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 12(3), pp. 204–213. doi:10.1080/14733145.2012.678270.
  2. Henton, I. (2012). Counselling psychology and practice-based research: A critical review and proposal. Counselling Psychology Review, 27(3), pp. 11–28.
  3. Henton, I. (2011). The marriage of practice and science. Therapy Today, 22(7) .


  1. Henton, I. An interpretative phenomenological analysis of counselling psychology trainees’ experiences of practice-based research training. (PhD Thesis)

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