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  1. Dr Carolina Matos

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Dr Carolina Matos

Lecturer in Sociology

, Department of Sociology

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D627, Rhind Building


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City University London
Northampton Square



Dr Carolina Matos is a journalist, lecturer and researcher with 23 years of professional experience; 10 years as a full-time journalist in Brazil and over 12 years working in universities throughout the UK. Dr Matos obtained her PhD in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 2007 with no corrections, with a thesis that was transformed into a book and translated and adopted at universities throughout the world.

Before joining the Sociology department at City University London, Dr Matos was a part-time lecturer in the Government department at the University of Essex, and previously an LSE Fellow in Political Communications, taking over from senior lecturer Maggie Scammell. Dr Matos was a LSE Expert and Visiting Fellow at the Media and Communications department at the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as a visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of East London (UEL) and St. Mary's University College, Twickenham. Her research is multidisciplinary, drawing from Media and Communications, Politics, Sociology, Globalisation and Latin American and Brazilian Studies.

During the last 13 years, Dr Matos has been teaching in the areas of media and democracy, political communications, international relations and the media, political economy of the media and globalisation and, the mass media. Her research is situated in the areas of comparative political communications, media and democracy, globalization and development, international communications and journalism. She published the books Media and politics in Latin America: globalization, democracy and identity (I.B. Tauris, 2012) and Journalism and political democracy in Brazil (Lexington Books, 2008) as well as many other articles and chapters as well as journalistic work and is currently working on a third book project, Globalization, gender politics and the media. The book received in 2012 an honorable mention for the Cecil B. Currey Books Awards on the best book on the Third World by the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) and was translated and published in Portuguese by Editora Civilizacao Brasileira of Record, one of the biggest commercial publishers in Latin America. She is part of City's Gender Forum network. Her research students include Matina Zestanaki, whose work is on social movements and politics in Greece.

Dr Matos obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in teaching in UK HE from the LSE in June 2011, having also taught at the LSE Executive as well as having done consultancy work for the LSE Enterprise. Over the last couple of years, Dr Matos has presented at the 2011 Waltham Literature and Arts Festival in Leytonstone-East End, at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford in 2012, at the International Journalism Week at Sheffield University in 2012 and has taken part in the University of Cambridge's department of History and Philosophy's ESRC funded project, Economics in Europe in a Comparative Perspective entitled "Interrogating Economics in the Public Sphere", in April 2013. Dr Matos was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Helsinki, Finland and has given many university talks throughout Brazil, such as UFF, UFRJ and UERJ. She has also attended many conferences and given talks throughout the world, and is a member of professional organizations such as the ICA (International Communication Association), the International Sociological Association (ISA) and the Latin American Studies Association (LASA).

Dr Matos has given interviews to the press, including to television networks, such as Al Jazeera English, the newspaper De Standard, BBC Mundo and to the Brazilian media. She is also a contributor to the blog The Conversation and part of the editorial advisory board of the International Journal of Digital Television. As a journalist, she has worked for various newspapers in the areas of politics, culture and international news as well as for Folha de Sao Paulo, Globo Organisations, Reuters and UNESCO.


LSE Postgraduate Certificate in UK HE - June 2011
PhD in Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, January 2007, with no corrections
MA in Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick, 1998-1999, ORS grant


The Department of Government, University of Essex (2012-2013)
Department of Media and Communications, LSE (2008 - 2011)
School of Cultural Studies and Social Science, University of East London (UEL)
Department of Media Arts, St. Mary's Twickenham
Deartment of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College
Freelance journalism, translation and teaching in the UK

Administrative roles

- Research day organiser and dissertation workshop supervisor (2013-14)
- Examinations Officer (2013-14), taking over from Dr. Carolyn Vogler
- Teaching observation coordinator
- Academic misconduct panel
- Media work/appearances


Dr Matos is currently working on chapters for edited books and is conducting research on gender, communications and development. She is interested in building comparisons with the experiences of development and democratization of other BRIC countries, including looking at gender inequality in Latin America in comparative perspective with the experiences of more advanced democracies, examining gender representations in the media and popular culture.

Research interests

- Comparative Political Communications, including the role of public service broadcasting in the digital era, the public sphere and the relationship between media and democratisation
- International Communications and Development, especially the role of the media for national and international development
- Political journalism and democracy, such as the debate on journalism cultures, professionalism and objectivity and online journalism and new media
- Gender, globalization and communications, especially issues of global and local inequality, empowerment of disadvantaged groups and social inclusion.

PhD supervision

Dr Matos welcomes inquiries for PhD supervision in the areas of international journalism, media and democracy and development.

Research Students

Matina Zestanaki
Thesis title
Greek politics and social movements


Journal Article (4)

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Book (4)

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Chapter (7)

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Conference (7)

  1. Matos, C. (2013). Television, entertainment and the public interest. ICA London Conference, , London.
  2. Matos, C. (2013). Inequality and emancipation: Brazil’s changing role in the world. Pre-ICA London Conference, , London.
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  7. Matos, C. Journalism cultures in the public sphere: a look at Brazilian economic journalism. "Interrogating Economics in the Public Sphere", April 2013, project funded by the ESRC., 18 Apr 2013, University of Cambridge.

Internet Publication (1)

  1. Matos, C. (2014). The colourful reality of Brazilian society – it’s more than football and samba Retrieved from: [publisher's website]

Other (2)

  1. Matos, C. Media and politics in Latin America: globalization, democracy and identity.
  2. Matos, C.



- SG2051 News and society
- SG1005 Media history and Politics
- Sociology 3rd year project


- SGM004 Political communication
- SGM223 Communication, culture and development
- SGM111 Sociology Dissertation

Other Activities

Keynote Lectures/Speeches (3)

  • Interrogating the Economics in the Public Sphere -, , .
  • International Journalism Week, 2012 - University of Sheffield, , .
  • Reuter's Institute University of Oxford, , .

Editorial Activities (1)

  • I read articles and chapters for a series of top journals, including the American Political Science Review, Global Media, BLAR (Bulletin of Latin American Research) and the International Journal of Digital Television.

Press/Online Articles (1)

  • The colourful reality of Brazil, , The Conversation

Media Appearances (3)

  • City's Ma in International Communication and Development, ,
  • Al Jazeera Listening Post, ,
  • Faculti Media, ,

Television Programmes (1)

  • Al Jazeera Listening Post, on .