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How can you help?

The Olive Tree Programme can continue its important work only thanks to people like you.


Help the Programme

The Olive Tree Programme has made a significant and positive difference to the prospects of the promising young individuals who have been awarded scholarships for undergraduate study at City University under its auspices.

The Programme has modelled a unique educational approach to enabling young Israelis and Palestinians who have grown up in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to better understand the factors which drive, sustain and mediate that conflict and conflict in general.

Even though it will not be possible to continue the Programme into a 6th cohort, we would very much appreciate your support in the funding those students still taking part of the programme until 2016. You can still make a difference to the lives of these exceptional young people as they seek to prepare themselves to realise their potential and make their mark in their respective careers and undertakings.

Help the Programme