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Media Coverage of the Arab Revolts 2011: How was the story told?

Date: 21 March 2012

On the panel:

  • Jeremy Bowen: has an impressive record as a journalist, writer and war correspondent, with extensive experience covering the Middle East in particular. In his current post of Middle East Editor for the BBC he has been on the spot to provide live coverage of the Arab revolts from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya to Yemen, Bahrain to Jordan. Most recently he has been reporting from the bloody frontline of the Syrian uprising.
  • Jon Snow: has been the presenter and the face of Channel 4 News since 1989, and won major awards for his work in the role. He was the Washington Correspondent for ITN in the 1980s and has travelled the world covering world affairs. His analysis of media coverage of the Arab Revolts is informed by his experience and understanding of the stakes and the challenges of getting the story not only out but also objective and to the point.
  • Dr Zahera Harb is a Lebanese journalist and Senior Lecturer in International Journalism at City University. She has seen the media from the inside and researched the phenomenon as an academic and has much to say about the role of news-gathering and broadcasting in reflecting and projecting a cause. Her publications include: Channels of Resistance: Liberation propaganda, Hezbollah and the Media, (I.B. Tauris 2011) and a paper on 'Arab revolutions and the social media effect' in the Journal of Media and Culture.

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