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Journalism alumni take home top awards

The British Journalism awards celebrate excellence in the industry

by Nicola Ranson (Communications Officer)

The Press Gazette have presented two City alumni with prestigious British Journalism Awards. Two other alumni were highly commended, with nine former students appearing on the shortlist in total. The Awards were launched five years ago to promote interesting journalism that is in the public interest. More than 500 entries were received this year for the sixteen award categories.

Jonathan Hewett, Director of Interactive and Newspaper Journalism said: "It's encouraging to see our City alumni so strongly represented in this year's awards, both in the number of individual journalists and the range of categories. Their shortlisted work includes some of the best of British public interest journalism. From Oliver Shah's reporting of BHS and Sir Philip Green, and an investigation of charities' use of personal data to target vulnerable people, by Katherine Faulkner and Lucy Osborne, to Emily Dugan's campaigning journalism on the criminal courts charge, and Ian Birrell's coverage of social issues and foreign affairs."

The Press Gazette editor and chairman of the judges Dominic Ponsford said judging this year’s entries was an “inspiring” reminder that journalism is “an amazing industry which does a huge amount of good in the world.”

Dominic also said:

The overall standard of entries was so high that making it on to the final shortlists is an extremely impressive achievement in itself.
Dominic Ponsford, Press Gazette editor

The winners were announced at a ceremony on Tuesday 6th December 2016. The full shortlist can be viewed on the Press Gazette website.

Alumni winners

Science and Technology Journalism

Billy Kenber (MA Investigative Journalism, 2010)

Won the award for the following articles in The Times:

  • ‘Extortionate’ prices add £260m to NHS drug bill,
  • Drug ‘profiteers’ face fines
  • Huge price rise forces NHS to ditch life-changing drug

Campaign of the Year

Andy Richards (MA Political Journalism, 2011)

Nominated for the following articles in the Birmingham Mail:

  • Birmingham pub bombings inquest campaign

Highly Commended

Business, Finance and Economics Journalism

Oliver Shah (PG Dip Newspaper Journalism, 2009)

Nominated for the following articles in The Sunday Times:

  • Close to the rocks, BHS on brink as rescue talks fail
  • My battle with the bullying billionaire

Politics Journalism

Georgia Graham (MA Newspaper Journalism, 2010)

Nominated for the following pieces for Channel 4 News:

  • FactCheck for Does the EU really cost £350m a week?
  • Express goes bananas over the EU
  • Will prices rise if we leave the EU?

Scoop of the Year

Oliver Shah: (PG Dip Newspaper Journalism, 2009)

Nominated for the following articles for The Sunday Times:

  • 11,000 jobs at risk as BHS teeters on brink

Shortlisted alumni

Sports Journalism

George Arbuthnott (MA Investigative Journalism, 2010)

Nominated for the following articles in the Sunday Times:

  • British doctor claims he doped 150 sports stars
  • 2012 medallists ‘paid bribes’ to be at Games
  • Athletics cheats run to the hills for blood-dope boost

Science and Technology Journalism

Gareth Iacobucci (PG Dip Journalism, 2006)

Nominated for the following articles for the BMJ:

  • Public health: the frontline cuts begin
  • Exposed: The conflicts of interest at the heart of GP commissioning

Campaign of the Year

Emily Dugan (PG Dip Newspaper Journalism, 2006)

Nominated for an article for i titled:

  • Campaign against the Criminal Courts Charge

Politics Journalism

Ben Riley-Smith (MA Magazine Journalism, 2012)

Nominated for the following articles for The Daily Telegraph:

  • Corbyn’s rail stunt hits the buffers
  • Revealed: UK border meltdown
  • May to lift ban on grammar schools

Popular Journalism

Ian Birrell (PG Dip Journalism, 1986)

Nominated for the following articles for the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday:

  • The cruelty of social workers who sneer at middle-class parents, A grieving mother branded ‘a vindictive cow’
  • Agony of losing both our ‘stupid boys’ in one night to ecstasy bought on the dark web

Investigation of the Year

Oliver Shah: (PG Dip Newspaper Journalism, 2009)

Nominated for the Philip Green and BHS investigation

Katherine Faulkner (Journalism, 2009) and Lucy Osborne (Newspaper Journalism, 2011) 

Nominated with Paul Bentley for their investigation for the Daily Mail titled:

  • New shame of the charities: Widower's details were passed on 200 times leading him to lose £35,000 and get 731 demands for cash
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