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City researchers bring Wayne McGregor's archive to life

Dr Simone Stumpf leads the 'Living Archive' collaborative project to design and build a prototype digital archive of unique materials produced during the career of the internationally renowned British choreographer and director.
by John Stevenson


City University London's Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design will design and build a prototype digital archive of unique materials produced during the career of internationally acclaimed choreographer Wayne McGregor.

The 'Living Archive' project, a collaboration between Wayne McGregor | Random Dance and City, is funded by the Creativeworks London Creative Voucher Scheme and is intended to collate disparate collections belonging to McGregor and the companies he has worked with in order to act as a central repository from this point forward.

The collections could include video footage, designs, photography, and McGregor's original notes. The cataloguing, digitising and organising of the materials in the archive is a necessary task for Wayne McGregor | Random Dance; these materials are increasingly in demand for current business needs, most particularly to support the re-staging of individual works from the choreographer's repertoire.

Creative works logoThe archive will reflect the evolution of McGregor's works and allow exploratory thematic navigation through the archive material as a way of revealing McGregor's thought processes.

Senior Lecturer and project leader, Dr Simone Stumpf, says her team intends to take a unique approach to the project:

"Wayne McGregor and his company Random have permitted us to build some creativity into the archiving process. We will be framing the organisation of the archive by way of thematic rather than chronological parameters and launching into the digital sphere at a much earlier stage than would otherwise have been possible. As well as providing the company with a prototype which can be expanded into a fuller archive, the project aims to also act as an initial scoping stage for a more in-depth collaborative project between the two partners, encompassing the whole range of archive materials and creating a comprehensive and fully accessible archive of all of McGregor's work."

Please visit this website for more information on Wayne McGregor | Random Dance.

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