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City to host Cyber Security Seminar on 20th May

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the Government’s Special Representative to Business on Cyber Security, will deliver the feature address.
by John Stevenson

City University London's Computer Science Department will host a Cyber Security Seminar on 20 May. The event will take place in the Drysdale Lecture Theatre (ELG19) from 6pm to 9pm.

The evening provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the research carried out at City's Centre for Software Reliability (CSR) and Centre for Cyber Security Sciences (CCySS).

Dame-Neville-JonesBaroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the Government's Special Representative to Business on Cyber Security, will deliver the feature address during the Seminar.

Individuals and organizations interested in information security will be able to listen to discussions and perspectives from City academics as well as the Government, and there will also be information on hand regarding the Masters-level and CPD courses on Information Security and Risk.

City's Head of Computer Science, Professor Kevin Jones, will address security policy myths and ways in which science dispels them.

He notes: "Many 'good practices' in computer security are based on assumptions and local evidence that do not generalize. There are few quantifiable methods of establishing or refuting the validity of these practices from a user perspective. We propose a formal model of security policies that allows us to evaluate the claimed benefits to the user of the system quantitatively. We illustrate the use of the model by looking at a security policy we all live with daily: The Password Policy".

Welcoming Baroness Neville-Jones' presence at the forthcoming Cyber Security Seminar, Professor Jones says cyber security represents a crucial challenge to business and economic life:

"Cyberspace is a critical part of all of our lives at every level from personal to national. Proper understanding of the risks and opportunities is essential to future safety and prosperity. We believe that there needs to be greater awareness of and appropriate education available in this domain."

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