City Perspectives: Should Britain opt-in or opt-out of the EU?

In the final video of our City Perspectives series looking at Britain's future in the EU, our academics give their views on whether it is better off staying within the European Union, or deciding to leave.

15 February 2013

nullDavid Cameron has said that the British people must "have their say" on Europe. He has promised an 'in or out' vote on EU membership if the Conservatives win the election.

In a long-awaited speech on Europe, Mr Cameron pledged to hold a referendum during the early part of the next parliament and by the end of 2017 at the latest.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to renegotiate the Britain's relationship with the EU and then give people a "simple choice" between staying in under those new terms or leaving the EU.

Throughout the week, some of City's leading academics have offered their views on the European Union, its future and Britain's role within it. In the final video, our experts give their answers to the question which is likely to face the public in the near future: Should Britain opt-in or opt-out of the EU?