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Dr Sara Jones offers views on coding in New Scientist magazine

City creativity and innovation expert comments on experimental programming interface
by John Stevenson

nullComment from Dr Sara Jones, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Informatics and programme director for the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, was highlighted in a recent New Scientist article on visual programming. Speaking to reporter Douglas Heaven, Dr Jones offered her thoughts on Recursive Drawing, an experimental programming interface developed by artist and programmer,Toby Schachman.

The interface is viewed as a novel technique to make computer programming more accessible to creative people. 

According to Dr Jones, Recursive Drawing "opens up the process of programming to a broader community of people, including artists, architects and designers, for whom the unnecessary translation of ideas into text may constitute a frustrating and unwelcome block to the flow of creative ideas."

Dr Jones' recent research interests include creativity in the design of interactive systems and the use of new technologies to support creative thinking.

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