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School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

Research admissions

Finding Supervisors for Your Proposed Research

The admission of research students in the school depends on the applicant's qualifications and interests. The latter have to match the expertise currently available in the School. Intending applicants should therefore check the current academic staff research interests on the website before preparing an application. Potential applicants need to identify their research areas and contact a potential supervisor. They can either contact directly a particular person or if they are uncertain they should contact the head of a particular centre, who will then pass on your information if they believe that you have suitable qualifications. The school caries out research in five general areas representing the Research Centers and the detailed research areas and activities are described in:

  • Fluids Engineering Centre
  • Systems and Control Centre
  • Sensors and Instrumentation Centre
  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Centre
  • Mathematics Centre

Academic staff members who have expertise in the research areas and activities are listed here. They are the potential supervisors in those areas, subject to existing loading.

Area of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Contact: Professor Neil Taylor (
               Professor Ashraf Ayoub (

Research          Academic  Staff                
  • Constitutive modeling
  • Micromechanics
Prof R. Crouch
Dr J. Fonsec
  • Construction processes in geotechnical engineering
  • The effect of natural soil structure on soil-structure interaction
  • Deep excavations, tunnels and foundations
Prof. Neil Taylor
Prof.  S. E. Stallebrass
Dr. A. McNamara
Dr. R. Goodey
  • Structural integrity monitoring
Prof R. Crouch
Dr. C. D'Mello
Dr. B. McKinley
Dr Feng Fu
Dr. T. Micic
Dr. A. Giaralis
  • Earthquake Engineering
Prof.  A Ayoub
Prof. A Kappos
Dr. A. Giaralis
Dr. P. Mergos
  • Structural assessment
Dr. B. McKinley
Dr. A. Giaralis
  • High performance structural materials
Professor A Ayoub
  • Structural reliability
Professor M Newby
Dr. A. Giaralis
  • Large scale testing of structural members
Dr. C. D'Mello
Dr. B. McKinley
Professor A Ayoub
Dr. T. Micic
  • Materials
Professor J. R. Banerjee
Dr. S. Naher

Area of Fluids Engineering

Contact: Professor Manolis Gavaises (
                Professor Abdulnaser Sayma (

Research Academic Staff
  • Internal Combustion Engines
Professor C. Arcoumanis
Dr. R. Lockett
Professor M. Gavaises
Professor J. Nouri
Dr. Y. Yan
Dr. N Mitroglou
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
Prof M. Gavaises
Prof A. Pinelli
Prof A. Kovacevic
Dr. S. Prince
Dr K Vogiatzaki
Dr M. Omidyeganeh
  • Aeronautics
Professor C. Atkin
Prof M. Gaster
Professor J. R. Banerjee
Prof A. Pinelli
Dr. S. Prince
Dr. C. W. Cheung
Dr. M. Tomas-Rodriguez
  • Air Transport & Air Safety
Professor R Wootton
Dr. I Sikora
  • Compressors
Prof N. Stosic
Prof A. Kovacevic
Prof A. Sayma
Prof. K. Pullen
  • Alternative Energy Systems & Combustion
Professor C. Arcoumanis
Dr. R. Lockett
Dr. K. Pullen
Dr Konstantina Vogiatzaki
  • Hydrodynamics/Hydraulics
  • Fluid-structure interaction
Professor Qingwei Ma
Dr S Yan

Area of Sensors and Instrumentation

Contact: Professor Tong Sun (
               Professor Panicos Kyriacou (

Research Academic Staff
  • Measurement & Instrumentation
Professor K.T.V. Grattan
Professor T. Sun
Professor S. H. Khan
Professor P. Kyriacou
Dr. F Surre
  • Biomedical Engineering
Professor P. Kyriacou
Professor P. Liatsis
Dr. J. Philips
Dr. I. Triantis
Dr. C. Reyes-Aldasoro
Prof. M Gavaises
  • Photonics
Prof. B.M.A. Rahman
Prof. K.T.V. Grattan
Prof.T. Sun
Dr. A. Agrawal
  • Computer Modelling & Design  of Sensors and Actuators
Prof. S. H. Khan

 Area of Systems and Control  

Contact: Professor Nicos Karcanias (
                Professor D.W. Stupples (

Research Academic Staff
  • Control Theory and Design 
  • Robust H-∞ Control
  • Decentralized Control
  • Nonlinear Systems
Professor N. Karcanias
Professor G. Halikias
Dr. E. Milonidis
Dr. M. Tomas-Rodriguez
Dr J. Leventidis
  • Complex Systems
  • Large Scale Systems
  • Mathematical Systems Theory
Prof. N. Karcanias
Prof. D. Stupples  
Prof. G. Halikias
Dr E. Allonso
  • Algebraic and Numerical Computations
  • Optimization Theory and OR
  • Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory
  • Matrix Pencil Theory
Prof. N. Karcanias
Prof. G. Halikias
Prof H.Xu
Prof. M Newby
Dr J. Leventidis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Reliability, Safety and Maintainance
  • Risk
  • Systems Assurance
Prof. M Newby
Prof. D. Stupples  
Prof. P. Thomas
Prof. H. Xu
  • Information Engineering 
  • Signal Processing
Prof. D. Stupples
Prof. P. Liatsis
Prof. G. Halikias
Dr. C. Reyes-Aldasoro
  • Communication Networks
  • Control of Networks
  • Control of Supply Chains
Prof. T. Chen
Dr. V.  Rakocevic
Prof R.  Muttukrishnan
Prof. G. Halikias
  • Sensor & Actuator Networks
Prof N. Karcanias
Prof G. Halikias
Dr V. Rakocevic
Prof. T. Tong
  • Power Systems
Prof. N. Karcanias
Prof. S. H. Khan
Prof J. Fothergill
Dr. L. Ekonomou
  • Transport Systems
Dr. I Kaparias
Prof. M. Newby
Prof. P. Liatsis
  • Security Systems
Prof. D. Stupples
Prof T. Chen  
Prof R.  Muttukrishnan
Prof. G. Halikias

Area of Mathematics

Contact: Professor Andreas Fring (
              Professor Mark Broom ( 

Research Academic Staff
  • Algebraic Representation Theory
Prof. J. Chuang
Prof. R. Kessar
Prof.M. Linckelmann
Dr. A. G. Cox
Dr. M. Devisscher
  • Mathematical Physics
  • String theory
Prof. A. Fring
Dr M. Alvarez
Dr O. Alvaredo
Dr V. Caudrelier
Dr Y. He
Dr B. Stefanski
Prof. J. Mathon
  • Fluid Dynamics
Dr. O.S. Kerr
Dr. L. Silvers
  • Mathematical Biology
Prof. M. Broom
Dr A. Kandler
Dr A. De Martino

If it appears that there are academic staff with relevant research interests it is preferable for the intending applicant to arrange for discussions with the appropriate member of staff concerning the topic of research. If there is no member of academic staff with interests related to their research topic, intending applicants are advised to discuss the matter with the Senior Tutor for Research Students of the School ( and if a solution cannot be found then they may extend their searches to other universities.

Entry Requirements

Prospective students are expected to meet the following:

  • hold a good honours degree (normally no less than a second class honours degree from a UK University or an equivalent qualification) in an appropriate subject. Some subjects also require an appropriate Masters qualification;
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in the use of oral and written English;
  • an aptitude and motivation to undertake a course of independent research to doctoral level.

Prospective students whose mother tongue is not English must meet any one or a combination of the following:

  • A score of 6.5 in IELTS
  • The award of a Masters degree the teaching of which was in English

Please note also that the UK Border Agency currently requires us to confirm that you are at level B2 or above in all components of English before issuing Visa Documents.


Academic year 2013/14 (Fees shown are per year of study):


  • Home/EU students - Full time £4,500 Part time £2,250 External £785
  • Overseas students - Full time £9,600 Part time £4,800 External £785
  • PhD by Prior Publication - £4,500
  • Writing-up fees - Home & Overseas £300

Submission of Applicants  

The following submissions are required for new applications:

  1. Research degree application form
  2. A Cover Letter explaining your interests
  3. A research proposal
  4. Proof of academic qualifications (transcripts and degree certificates)
  5. Evidence of English language proficiency where appropriate
  6. Two written references (at least one academic) in support of the applicant
  7. A CV describing relevant experience qualifications
  8. statement of financial support

There are two possible start dates each year: 1 October and 1 February. There are no deadlines for applying for unfunded PhD study*. The complete application should be submitted to the potential supervisor. Please contact the Senior Tutor for Research Students of the School, Dr Youyou Yan ( for general enquires and the head of the respective Research Centre for advice on possible research topics and supervisors.

* Deadlines are attached to applying for any studentships that are advertised from time to time. 

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