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Mathematical and Computational Behaviour and Evolution Research Group (MCBE)

About us

The Mathematical and Computational Behaviour and Evolution group is an interdisciplinary group which applies mathematical and computational methods to increase our understanding of behaviour and evolutionary processes.
The use of such methodology in these areas is becoming increasingly important, requiring contributions from a wide range of scientists of differing backgrounds, knowledge and skills. The short term aim of the group is to develop a coordinated and distinctive active programme of research which requires expertise from at least two distinct disciplines. In the longer term we aim to develop the group into one of the leading research groups of its type.

Research areas

The group works on modelling behaviour and evolution through mathematics and computational methods and can include any research which fits this remit. Current active research areas include the following:

  • modelling of evolution on graphs (EG);
  • integration of evolutionary games and life history theory (GL);
  • models of kleptoparasitism (KP);
  • evolution of biological signalling behaviour (ES);
  • modelling of learning and behaviour (LB);
  • biologically-inspired control and optimisation algorithms (CO)


Eduardo Alonso       (Reader in Computing, LB, CO, Informatics) (joint-head)

Krzysztof Argasinski (Marie-Curie Research Fellow & Visiting Fellow, GL, Math)

Mark Broom  (Professor of Mathematics, EG, GL, KP, ES, Math) (joint-head)

Michael Fairbank                        (PhD student, CO, Informatics)

Christoforos Hadjichrysanthou    (PhD student, EG, KP, Math)

Jan Teichmann                            (PhD student, ES, Math & Informatics)

Find us

City, University of London

Northampton Square

London EC1V 0HB

United Kingdom

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