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School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science research

Software and Systems Engineering

City, University of London is internationally renowned for its long-standing and world leading research in software and systems engineering.

Our work in this area investigates fundamental theories, methods and technologies related to the development of complex socio-technical and software intensive systems, as well as to the assessment and verification of critical qualities of such systems, including dependability, security and safety.

Our research is inspired from real world scenarios, drawn from a wide range of collaborations with the industry and the professions, and has systematically provided realistic solutions back to our collaborators.

Human-centric Systems

City has a long standing tradition of research in human centric systems and HCI design. The human-centric systems group builds upon this, focusing on the evaluation of the accessibility and usability of interactive systems supporting human-centric activities, their effectiveness in supporting human decision making, and the development of novel interfaces and devices for such systems.

Information-intensive Systems

The Information-intensive systems group investigates the development of novel methods and frameworks to support the modelling, search, analysis, consumption and evolution of massive text and rich media information, including images and sound, that underpins modern, complex socio-technical systems. Within this area, it investigates the analysis and visualization of large information sets, including: geo-information, the interactive and context-aware retrieval of rich media information including images, audio and multimedia, and the collaborative generation of content by users.

Library and Information Science

The research in this theme focuses on the communication chain of recorded information, and has three main aspects:

  • Foundations of the information sciences
  • Information provision for specific domains and subjects
  • Information behaviour - of individuals and groups, and within society.

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