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Machine Learning


Principal InvestigatorCo-InvestigatorsProject TitleFunderAmount Awarded to City (excl. partners)Start DateEnd Date
Chris ChildArtur Garcez, Son TranModel Acquisition and Planning with Deep Q-NetworksCity, University of London Pump-Priming Fund£5,50001.06.201531.08.2015
Daniel WolffTillman Weyde, Emmanouil Benetos, Dan TidharAutomatic segmentation of audio recordings to speech and musicCity, University of London Pump-Priming Fund£5,94001.04.201531.05.2015
Artur GarcezJo Wood, Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia AndrienkoFareViz: on the design of big data exploration tools for the analysis of train fares in real timeEPSRC/Innovate UK (grant no. EP/M50712X/1)£149,00001.10.201431.03.2016
Artur GarcezGreg Slabaugh, Tillman WeydeAdvancing Consumer Protection through Machine Learning: Reducing Harm in GamblingEPSRC/Innovate UK (grant no. EP/M507064/1)£130,79801.10.201430.09.2015
Tillman WeydeEmmanouil Benetos, Daniel Wolff, Nicolas Gold, Alan MarsdenAn Integrated Audio-Symbolic Model of Music SimilarityAHRC (grant no. AH/M002454/1)£45,50001.09.201431.07.2015
Emmanouil BenetosTillman Weyde, Artur Garcez, Simon DixonA deep learning framework for automatic music transcriptionCity, University of London Pump-Priming Fund£5,76801.04.201431.07.2014
Tillman WeydeStephen Cottrell, Jason Dykes, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark Plumbley, Simon Dixon, Nicolas Gold, Mahendra MaheyDigital Music Lab - Analysing Big Music DataAHRC (grant no. AH/L01016X/1)£302,70801.01.201431.03.2015
Greg SlabaughKaren KnappComputer-Aided Detection of Cervical Spine Injuries: A Feasibility ProjectEPSRC (grant no. EP/K037641/1)£124,00001.03.201428.02.2015
Tim CrawfordTillman WeydeSemantic Linking and Integration of Content, Knowledge and Metadata in Early MusicEPSRC Semantic Media Network£10,544 

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