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Library Services

24/7 library opening

Cass Learning Resource Centre will be open 24/7 from 8.30 am on Monday 27th March to Friday 5th May 2017.

Northampton Square Library will be open 24/7 from 8.30 am on Monday 24th April to Friday 2nd June 2017.

During 24/7 opening we expect Library users to treat staff, other students and university property with respect, to adhere to the Code of Conduct and to use 24/7 opening responsibly.

As we are situated in a residential area, Library users are expected to treat our neighbours with consideration by leaving the premises quickly, quietly and causing no disturbance.  Between Midnight and 7am, access to and from Northampton Square Library will be via an alternative route leading towards Spencer Street.  This route will be signposted from the ground floor.

Library Security

No ID Card No Access – you must have your City University ID card with you to gain access to Cass Learning Resource Centre and Northampton Square Library. You will not be permitted access without your ID card. No exceptions will be made.

24/7 access is available to current City University students and staff only.  No exceptions will be made by Library or Security staff.

Security staff will conduct a full ID card check before Library staff leave, if you do not have a City University ID card you will be asked to leave by 9.00 pm

Security Staff – please treat the security team with respect and courtesy.  They are unable to check Library accounts or answer circulation queries.

So if you have problems with your Library account, are unable to check out a book or log in to a resource, your query will need to wait until Staffed Hours when you can contact Library staff by email at or

Group Study Rooms – all group study rooms at Northampton Square Library must be vacated and locked by 9.00 pm.  No exceptions will be made by Security staff.

Library Environment

Printer and Photocopiers – Library staff will ensure that printers and photocopiers are filled with paper before they leave. Security staff cannot replenish paper or fix any printer/copier jams; any problems will be dealt with in the morning by Library staff.  There are printers located on every floor of the Library.

Food and Drink – cold and hot drinks are permitted.  Cold snack food is allowed but hot food is forbidden in all library areas.  Please ensure you put your rubbish in the bin.

Cleaning – please treat the Library cleaning team with courtesy and respect.  Cleaning will take place and it may cause some disruption to your studies but please be patient with staff, they are working to make the Library a clean and pleasant space for you to work in.

Your safety and wellbeing

Personal Belongings – do not your leave your personal belongings unattended.  Security staff will carry out patrols but it is your responsibility to ensure your belongings are safe.  If you need a break away from your desk it is advised that you take your valuables with you.

Take a Break – although the Library is open 24/7 it does not mean that you have to be studying 24/7.  Please ensure that you take regular breaks and get plenty of sleep (at home not in the Library!).  

City Students Union are sharing tips and guidance on good study habits with their Keep Calm Study On campaign.

Be Safe - if you are planning on studying late, you should consider and plan your journey home before you leave the Library.

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