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Library Services


  • Students chatting and studying in a library

    Reading Lists

    Reading Lists Online provides quick and easy access to books, e-books, journals and websites recommended for your course.

  • Library books on a shelf

    More Books

    Library Services are giving students the opportunity to choose what we buy for the library; whether it's a classic text you think every library should have or a title that just never seems to be on the shelf when you need it.

  • Man walking through a library

    Inter-Library Loans

    Is there something you need for an essay, dissertation or research project that we don’t have in our collection? Make an Inter-Library Loan request and we’ll try to order the item from another library as fast as we can.

  • read for research logo

    Read for Research

    Library Services are giving our researchers the opportunity to help build up our research book collections. You have the chance to suggest titles that will help your research, are key works in your field or are generally useful for the research community at City.

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