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The Sociology Department at City is a leading centre for teaching and research in sociology. The ethos of the Department is defined by its commitment to a global research agenda and its mission to provide the highest quality teaching at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Courses focus on important contemporary topics and debates such as cultural and socio-economic transformations, media and communications, social stratification and class formation, gender and sexuality, crime, control and criminal justice, race relations and new ethnicities, migration, human rights, and citizenship and cosmopolitan identity.

The following courses are scheduled to run in 2014/5:

Autumn/Fall Semester Spring Semester
SG1005 Media History and Politics SG1006 Contemporary Issues in Media Studies
SG1015 Foundations in Sociology SG1016 Sociology in Action
SG1019 Criminology SG1018 Exploring London
SG1021 Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics SG1022 Producing Social Data
SG2015 Circuits of Culture SG1023 Criminal Justice
SG2021 Understanding Social Change SG2016 New Media Challenges
SG2025 Doing Sociology: Qualitative Methods SG2026 Doing Sociology: Quantitative Methods
SG2027 Classical Social Theory SG2028 Contemporary Social Theory
SG2030 Sociology of Race and Racism SG2031 Gender and Society
SG2040 Violence SG2051 News and Society
SG2043 Key Issues in Criminology SG2255 Penology
SG3031 Victimology SG3036 Policing
SG3033 Quantitative Analysis of Social Research Data SG3038 Youth, Crime and Society
SG3050 Gender and Society SG3041 Global Migration Processes
SG3056 Crime and Media SG3053 New Media - From Cyberspace to Social Media
SG3059 Broken Britain? Culture, Employment and Society SG3055 Sociology of Contemporary Europe
SG3063 Leisure, Power and Control SG3062 Work and Workers in the 21st Century
SG3057 Television and Sport SG3066 Social Identities and Personal Relationships

Download the module descriptions for Autumn/Fall or Spring.